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Sheree McDonald is an expert in the keto diet industry and a low carb foodie. Sheree loves writing content that educates and inspires people to live their most informed keto lifestyle. She lives with her family in the Western US where she spends her time exploring the outdoors, trying new recipes, and raising backyard chickens.

Keto Beef Jerky Recipe

2020-09-10T21:45:19-04:00By |Appetizers, Low Carb / Keto, Quick Bites, Recipes, Snacks|

This beef jerky recipe is the perfect low carb snack! Who doesn't absolutely LOVE a good piece of beef jerky? This low carb beef jerky recipe is loaded with flavor and has the option to turn up the heat if you're into that sort of thing. The chewy texture and meaty flavor make this particular [...]

Keto Snowball Cookies Recipe

2020-10-25T17:00:10-04:00By |American, Desserts, Low Carb / Keto, Recipes|

Snowball cookies are so delicious! Never believe anybody who says that low carb desserts aren't amazing. They never disappoint, and they are always bursting with sweetness each and every time. Because we are committed to making sure people understand just how diverse the keto diet is, we definitely want to spend some time talking about [...]

Cranberry Roast Pork Tenderloin Keto Recipe

2020-10-25T17:04:17-04:00By |American, Dinner, Low Carb / Keto, Recipes|

Try a low carb cranberry roast pork tenderloin this holiday! Holidays are the perfect time to gather with your family and friends and reflect on a life well-lived. Nothing brings people together quite like food, so it's the ideal time to serve up something memorable. If you haven't been able to find the perfect entree, then [...]

Keto Eggnog Cheesecake Balls Recipe

2020-11-11T14:14:38-05:00By |American, Desserts, Low Carb / Keto, Recipes, Snacks|

Check out this low carb eggnog cheesecake balls recipe! It's that time of year when eggnog is being served up everywhere! If you love eggnog but would love to try it in a totally different way, then this is the recipe that your dreams are made of! All the deliciousness of eggnog combined with the [...]

Keto Frosted Sugar Cookies Recipe

2020-10-16T20:54:12-04:00By |Desserts, Low Carb / Keto, Recipes, Snacks|

Enjoy frosted sugar cookies! Sugar cookies make an excellent go-to dessert during the holiday season. Not only is it a delicious treat, but it can be a fun activity for people to enjoy together. It's always fun to decorate sugar cookies while hanging out with the people we love the most! While you may have [...]

Keto Holiday Fruit Cake Recipe

2020-10-19T19:57:44-04:00By |American, Desserts, Low Carb / Keto, Recipes|

Check out this low carb holiday fruit cake recipe! It's that time of year where everywhere you look there is a fruit cake on the table! If you're a die-hard fruit cake fan, then you'll be pleased to discover this low carb option. It's absolutely delicious and whips up in only 30 minutes! If you [...]

Keto Gingerbread Men Cookies Recipe

2020-10-22T22:00:40-04:00By |American, Desserts, Low Carb / Keto, Recipes|

Check out this low carb gingerbread cookies recipe! Is it really even the holidays without gingerbread cookies?! Yeah, we didn't think so either! Gingerbread cookies have to be the most adorable dessert on the planet. But the good news is that they taste just as good as they look! Before you go out and buy [...]

Keto Maple Roasted Turkey Breast Recipe

2021-09-30T14:01:25-04:00By |American, Dinner, Low Carb / Keto, Recipes|

Try this maple roasted turkey breast recipe! It's that time of year when everybody has turkey on their mind. However, for some of us, the idea of cooking an entire bird just isn't so appealing. If you still want to enjoy Thanksgiving on a smaller (yet absolutely delicious!) scale, then you'll appreciate this maple roasted [...]

Keto Sausage and Cheddar Stuffing Recipe

2020-10-21T19:31:43-04:00By |American, Dinner, Low Carb / Keto, Recipes, Sides|

Try this low carb sausage and cheddar stuffing recipe! Thanksgiving just isn't the same without a delicious stuffing on the table. This recipe will make sure the feast is complete with adding in those unnecessary carbs. If you're still searching for the perfect side to bring this year, then look no further than this amazing [...]

Low Carb Creamy Pumpkin Soup Recipe

2020-10-21T21:33:05-04:00By |American, Dinner, Low Carb / Keto, Lunch, Recipes, Soups|

Creamy pumpkin soup is the ultimate keto comfort food! We dare say that soups are the perfect comfort food no matter the season. However, there's no denying the goodness that comes from enjoying a piping hot bowl of your favorite medley of flavors during the colder weather season. This time of year calls for all the [...]

Keto Pumpkin Roll Fat Bombs Recipe

2020-10-16T21:05:26-04:00By |Desserts, Low Carb / Keto, Recipes, Snacks, Vegetarian|

Pumpkin roll fat bombs make an excellent Fall treat! Who doesn't love a delicious pumpkin roll this time of year? Transform it into a fat bomb, and you have even more to be happy about! This is a delightful, no-fuss recipe that deserves its rightful spot on the dessert menu. Plus, everybody finds this treat [...]

Pork Chops with Maple Spiced Apples Recipe

2020-10-25T16:55:48-04:00By |American, Dinner, Low Carb / Keto, Lunch, Recipes|

Keto Pork chops with maple spiced apples are so delicious! Sometimes, it's important to serve up a meal that instantly gives you bragging rights. Keto pork chops with maple spiced apples happen to be that kind of meal! You've had regular pork chops with applesauce, but this recipe takes the flavor to an entirely different [...]

Keto Steak Stir Fry Recipe

2020-08-29T23:14:29-04:00By |Dinner, Gluten-Free, Low Carb / Keto, Lunch, Recipes|

Steak stir fry is the MUST TRY low carb recipe! How many times have you used the excuse, "I just don't have enough time" when it comes to eating healthy and making better choices? The truth is, there are a TON of simple recipes that can be cooked up in under 30 minutes. Steak stir [...]

Easy Keto Turkey Chili Recipe

2020-10-22T20:52:09-04:00By |Dinner, Low Carb / Keto, Lunch, Quick Bites, Recipes|

Check out this easy low carb turkey chili recipe! Who doesn't love a good bowl of turkey chili? You've probably heard about the cook-all-day recipes that you always seem to forget about until right before dinnertime. If you LOVE turkey chili but HATE recipes that require a long cook time, then this recipe is your [...]

Keto Cauliflower Toast with Avocado – Low Carb Breakfast Recipe

2020-10-04T20:27:00-04:00By |Breakfast, Gluten-Free, Low Carb / Keto, Lunch, Recipes, Sides, Snacks, Vegetarian|

Cauliflower toast with avocado is the perfect keto breakfast food! There's something simple, yet satisfying, about enjoying a slice of fresh toast in the morning. While we all may have our favorite, cauliflower toast with avocado is sure to be an instant win. You won't believe how delicious this low carb recipe is! We all [...]