Low Carb Lunch

When the middle of the day rolls around, you are likely hungry, a little tired and definitely in need of something to perk you up and also fill you up! You need a god meal! Of course, you also need a low carb meal which can sometimes be tricky. Don’t worry- we have lots and lots of low carb lunch options for you to try! Lunch will never be boring again. Being able to control what goes in that lunch box is essential!

Many of us bring a lunch to work during the week and, in that case, we need something that we can make ahead and easily pack. You especially want to make your own lunch to bring to work if you are on a keto diet as finding keto food in work place settings can be tricky.

Many of our recipes can easily be made in advance, allowing you to plan ahead and make yourself a fantastic lunch before you head out the door to go to work. Lots of our recipes are lunch box friendly s well, meaning they do not have to be reheated or refrigerated in order to stay fresh and delicious. No need to go to that break room at your job and have awkward conversations while your food heats up! Instead, pack our herby tomato salad with fresh parmesan or make some bacon cheddar chicken calzones that you can easily eat in the privacy of your office.

Now if you happen to be home, preparing yourself a great lunch to enjoy, you can try one of the recipes that is a little more advanced but totally doable for any culinary level. Our basil, bacon and red pepper frittata recipe is the perfect example of a lunch that you can put together at home and then anticipate, excitedly, as it makes your whole house smell delicious while it bakes.

One amazing lunch option is always to enjoy some of your dinner left overs from the night before. Last night’s dinner always makes the best (and easiest) lunch! So be sure to check out our low carb, keto friendly dinner recipes as well- you may find something there that peaks your interest for both dinner and lunch! Make the recipe at night and pack it right into containers for your lunch box the next day. You will look forward to reliving last nights meal all morning long.

Whether you pack lunch for work, school or enjoy it at home, we’ve got tons of low carb lunch ideas to choose from. Check out all your yummy options in our collection below! You are sure to find some great, new low carb options that will make the middle of your day even better!

We have also created Lunch in Five, an ecookbook of 30 low carb lunches – each recipe has only 5 ingredients and is up to 5 net carbs! It truly makes low carb lunch a breeze so make sure to check it out! Making amazing lunches doesn’t get any easier than this!

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