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Sheree McDonald is an expert in the keto diet industry and a low carb foodie. Sheree loves writing content that educates and inspires people to live their most informed keto lifestyle. She lives with her family in the Western US where she spends her time exploring the outdoors, trying new recipes, and raising backyard chickens.

Keto Lemon and Toasted Coconut Squares Recipe

2020-12-29T14:34:18-05:00By |American, Desserts, Low Carb / Keto, Recipes|

Low carb lemon and toasted coconut squares are AMAZING! Every once in a while, a dessert recipe will come along that really stands out from the crowd. This is exactly one of those recipes. Lemon and toasted coconut squares have all the refreshing flavor of lemon with the subtle sweetness you get from coconut. It's [...]

Copycat Sausage Egg Muffin Recipe

2020-06-05T17:52:08-04:00By |American, Breakfast, Low Carb / Keto, Recipes|

Check out this copycat sausage egg muffin recipe! We've all been there--it's a busy morning, you're scrambling to get out the door, and a drive-thru doesn't sound half bad. The problem? Fast food isn't exactly known for its keto-friendly options. Add to the mix that you're really in the mood for a sausage egg muffin [...]

Keto Deviled Egg Salad Recipe

2020-10-13T14:22:29-04:00By |American, Dinner, Low Carb / Keto, Lunch, Recipes, Salads|

You will LOVE this low carb deviled egg salad recipe! It's that time of year when everybody is putting barbecues and social gatherings on the calendar. Nothing brings people together quite like food. If you're in the mood to bring something everybody will love, then don't pass up this low carb deviled egg salad recipe. [...]

Keto Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

2021-01-30T20:40:50-05:00By |American, Desserts, Recipes, Snacks|

Low carb strawberry shortcake is a dream come true! One of the best things about the keto diet is that you can still indulge in a delicious treat from time-to-time. You don't have to avoid your favorite foods--you just have to make a few minor adjustments. For example, this strawberry shortcake recipe is downright delicious, [...]

Spicy Keto Chorizo Baked Eggs Recipe

2020-10-17T14:02:21-04:00By |Breakfast, Low Carb / Keto, Recipes|

Breakfast just got more delicious! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it's about time we start treating it as such! If you want a little more spice to start your day the right way, then spicy chorizo baked eggs are the perfect solution for you. This recipe definitely brings a whole [...]

Keto Herby Soft-Boiled Eggs Recipe

2020-10-13T15:08:22-04:00By |Appetizers, Low Carb / Keto, Lunch, Recipes|

Check out low carb herby soft-boiled eggs recipe! 'Tis the season for cookouts! That means it's time to whip up your favorite sides and find the perfect location for your next outdoor gathering. While we can't help you with the perfect spot, we can lend a hand in helping you find the most delicious low [...]

Butter Pecan Ice Cream Recipe

2020-06-05T17:20:50-04:00By |Desserts, Low Carb / Keto, Recipes|

Butter pecan ice cream is a must-try! It's that time of year again. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and nothing goes with a warm spring day quite like a delicious bowl of homemade ice cream. It may not quite be summertime yet, but we dare say it's okay to celebrate the changing [...]

Bacon Cheeseburger Pie Low Carb Recipe

2022-09-06T18:02:44-04:00By |American, Dinner, Low Carb / Keto, Paleo, Recipes|

Does it get any tastier than this? Planning dinner can always seem like an overwhelming chore. After all, we all eventually get tired of the same old same. If you're looking for something that you know everybody will love, then bacon cheeseburger pie is the delicious solution you've been looking for! First of all--who doesn't [...]

Keto Cheesy Bagel Dogs Recipe

2020-10-16T20:48:04-04:00By |American, Appetizers, Dinner, Low Carb / Keto, Lunch, Recipes|

This low carb cheesy bagel dogs recipe is delicious! Cheesy bagel dogs--if you've never tried them then now is the time! This more grown-up take on a childhood classic will have you lining up at the table for this incredible meal. There's plenty of cheesy goodness to go around without all of the extra carbs. [...]

Creamed Spinach with Parmesan Keto Recipe

2020-10-25T17:47:59-04:00By |American, Dinner, Low Carb / Keto, Lunch, Sides|

Creamed spinach with parmesan is so delicious! Not sure which low carb side you should make? Let this recipe be all the inspiration you could possibly need! Creamed spinach with parmesan is the perfect addition to any meal. It's creamy, flavorful, and couples nicely with most main courses. You just can't go wrong serving up [...]

Keto Strawberry Cheesecake Parfaits Recipe

2020-10-16T20:51:29-04:00By |Desserts, Low Carb / Keto, Recipes|

You will adore this low carb dessert! Let's talk about desserts. Parfaits have to be the most refreshing treat out there. Am I right? The layers of cream and fresh fruit make it the ultimate go-to snack--, especially during the warmer weather months. Since spring is among us, it's only natural to start channeling the [...]

Cheesy Taco Pie Recipe

2021-04-27T11:50:13-04:00By |Breakfast, Dinner, Low Carb / Keto, Lunch, Recipes|

You will LOVE this cheesy taco pie recipe! This low carb recipe is for all of you taco lovers out there! Let's get real for a minute--tacos are absolutely delicious, but (depending on how they are prepared) can be loaded with unnecessary carbs. That's a no-go for anybody following the keto diet! But have no [...]

Keto Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole Recipe

2020-10-16T20:49:09-04:00By |American, Dinner, Low Carb / Keto, Lunch, Recipes|

This low carb casserole is EVERYTHING! Casseroles make an excellent go-to weekday dinner meal. They are always so fast and simple that it's definitely an easy choice to make when you're feeling zapped for energy and low on time. If you love casseroles and want to revamp your weekly meal plan, then this recipe deserves [...]