Low Carb Drinks

If you are new to the low carb lifestyle, you may think that your drink choices are limited. However, low carb drinks don’t only have to be water, tea or coffee! There is so much you can enjoy while sticking to your low carb diet. With a little creativity and a few ingredients, you can have a keto drink that’s healthy and absolutely delicious! We’ve included recipes for all our favorite low carb drinks here for you to enjoy!

You are going to find a wide range of drinks that fit right into your low carb lifestyle. The first drink recipes you should try are the ones you can enjoy at the beginning of the day- breakfast drinks! Black coffee is now off the tables- there is so much more to try! Of course, keto butter coffee is one of our favorites but what about waking up to a brown butter pumpkin spiced latte? Sounds pretty amazing, right? And there are plenty more awesome breakfast drink recipes here to help you switch up your morning routine.

Once the afternoon rolls around, you may need a drink to give you a little more energy. You may also want a drink to enjoy as a snack- something to hold you over in between lunch and dinner. In this case, we recommend trying the delicious fat burning vanilla smoothie. One sip and you’ll wonder how something so creamy, sweet, and flavorful can be allowed on a low carb diet. But it definitely is! (Don’t worry, we have checked!)

Now, let’s get to the most important drinks- those that you enjoy at the end of a long hard day. The drinks that have alcohol. There are actually lots of keto-approved alcoholic drinks that you can quickly mix together, giving yourself some much-needed relaxation in a glass. The keto mojito is one drink that you absolutely need to make. We strongly recommend making a big pitcher of this perfect mojito because everyone is going to want some. And don’t worry, you can enjoy two (or maybe three) glasses too- it has practically no carbs! It is the perfect way to end a long day and still meet your keto goals.

Most of our drink recipes only require a few simple ingredients too which means you don’t have to run to the grocery store again and again just to make something tasty. In addition, they are all pretty quick to concoct. We strongly believe that drink recipes shouldn’t be hard to make and our recipes reflect this belief! You will be drinking something low carb and tasty in just a few minutes.

As you can see, there are awesome low carb drink recipes that you can enjoy any time of day, in any season, and ones that suit every mood. Whether it’s a low carb drink for breakfast, after the gym, summer or winter, Monday morning or Friday night, we have a recipe for you. Keto drinks are no boring or mundane at all and there are so many more options out there other than plain old water. Find a recipe here and give it a try today! If you’d like us to create a keto-friendly drink, simply contact us with a few of your favorite ingredients and we’ll do the rest!