Low Carb Snacks To Your Home!

Keto Krate is one of the best tools you can have on a low carb diet! They expertly curate and send full-sized, low carb products to your doorstep every month. Each Keto Krate is full of brands, both new and well-known. The products can range from sweet to savory and are always less than 5 grams of net carbs! Best of all, they require their featured products to be maltitol-free (the harshest of the zero-carb sugar alcohols).

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But first, take a look at June’s box and its yummy contents!

La Croix

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La Croix

There’s nothing like a refreshing drink in the middle of the warm summer months. Water is the holy grail, but let’s face it, it can get boring. We usually mix it up with lemon and stevia. Maybe opt for a flavored water or even tea. But La Croix grapefruit pomelo is a game changer. Lightly flavored and super bubbly! We’ll be enjoying this one on our balcony this summer.


Keto Kookie

A two pack of perfectly baked, soft chocolate chip cookies. Great for sharing, but let’s be honest, with macros like these, we ain’t sharing. Keto Kookies have only 1.4 net carbs per cookie. That’s amazing! If we have snacks like these in grocery stores, sugary snacks will be a thing of the past. Keto Kookie also has double chocolate cookies and snickerdoodles. 🙂


Everly Strawberry Lemonade

We’re big on beverages, that’s why having options in the pantry is so important! Water’s great, but sometimes you just gotta have something sweet and sour together. Everly comes in with their tasty strawberry lemonade flavor that’ll wake up your water quickly. Everly uses organic erythritol and stevia to sweeten their lemonade mixes and it’s delightful. The only downside is that there are only 3 packets of this sweet mix!


Good Dee’s Blondies Baking Mix

We’re always excited to see repeat brands but different products under their line. This time, Keto Krate sent over Good Dee’s Blondies baking mix. Her brownie mix, sent in a previous krate was a huge hit among our friends. The convenience just can’t be beaten. You’ll need the blondie mix, eggs and coconut oil to make these blondies in just a few minutes. They’re dense, sweet and chewy – perfect!


Foods Alive Garlic & Onion Flax Seed Crackers

Flax crackers are a great alternative to carb-filled crackers in the snack aisle. They’re usually made with flax seeds and any number of different seasonings. Foods Alive knocked their seasonings out of the park! As soon as we ripped the bag open, the heavenly smell of onion, garlic and tomato filled the room as if we were stewing a delicious tomato sauce. The crackers were amazing, of course, and paired perfectly with cream cheese or a smear of spinach artichoke dip.


Quest Cereal Protein Bar – Cinnamon Roll Flavor

All hail Quest Bars and their new formula! Quest Bars have long been known for their creative flavors and friendly macros. Now, they’re making a new kind of breakfast protein bar – Cereal Bars! And the flavors definitely live up to their names. Last month’s we tried the waffle flavor. This month, the cinnamon roll! We can’t get over how much they remind us of our breakfast delicacies from the past. Thumbs up from us!


Uncured Bacon Stick

A Keto Krate would not be complete without a jerky stick. This one’s just a bit different – an uncured bacon stick! Perfect for those following a keto/paleo diet. Unlike jerky, this stick, in particular, was soft, tender and ultra juicy! Not the closest thing to bacon, but full of amazing flavor nonetheless.

Keto Krate’s service is unique and convenient because it saves tons of time on researching products and separately purchasing each one. The box comes right to your door once a month and has a lot of different low carb foods waiting to be discovered. You’re bound to fall in love with something new and delicious with each box.

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You can enjoy these and many more products every month by signing up to Keto Krate on their website.

Disclosure: Keto Krate was kind enough to send the products mentioned above in the hope that we would enjoy them and share it with you all on Tasteaholics.com. All opinions are our own and we only recommend products we use personally and believe will be a good fit for our readers. If you visit Keto Krate through our link and subscribe to their service, we earn a small commission while the price stays the same for you. This helps us continue to provide quality recipes and pay for operating costs.

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