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Noshu is a new company delivering freshly-baked doughnuts both low in carbohydrates and crafted without the use of sugary additives to the Sydney and Brisbane suburbs. They are seeing rapid growth amongst diabetic consumers, as well as those who are following a special diet low in carbohydrates for weight control or anti-aging purposes. In the coming years, Noshu plans to expand their line, reaching more and more consumers across Australian and spreading an important message–eating a diet low in sugar doesn’t have to be boring or flavorless!

A sugar-free philosophy

They’re sweet, they’re fried…they’re made without any added sugar?! For the doughnut-addicted community down under, munching on one of the world’s favorite treats just got a little easier on the waistline. Rachel Bajada, the innovative chef behind Noshu, came up with the idea for her company after finding herself shocked at just how difficult it was to find pastry options suitable for her diabetic family members. Frustrated by her lack of options, Bajada set to work in the kitchen, determined to create a line of sweet treats without the need for added sugar.

“My grandmother has been a Type 2 diabetic since I can remember,” Bajada told UK news outlet The Daily Mail.1 “It always saddened me when we’d have family events and celebrations, that there was really nothing that she could eat for celebrations, like cake and things were out of the question.”

The result was Noshu’s first product, a doughnut with no added sugar. With only 130 calories per treat, Bajada realized that Australians looking to cut their sugar or carbohydrate consumption would fall in love with the “guilt-free” doughnut–just like her grandmother did.

The secret to sugarless sweets

There’s one unexpected ingredient that gives Noshu’s doughnuts the consistency and taste that makes doughnut lovers swoon–pumpkin puree! The main ingredients that compose Bajada’s treats are “low-starch, grain-free flours and fibers including coconut flour and pumpkin puree, along with virgin coconut oil.” This means that these treats are also suitable for allergy sufferers as well as those following special diets. The sweetness in Noshu’s doughnuts come from two guilt-free sources: Erythritol and Stevia. Their current line includes four flavors: strawberry, banana and coconut, caramel spice, and dark chocolate and raspberry.

In the coming year, Noshu plans to continue developing their line of doughnut flavors, and they even have a new line of sugar-free cake mix set to debut in Woolworths stores across Australia for just $8 AUD a punch.

Going low-carb in the states

Unfortunately, Noshu isn’t offering delivery across the Pacific Ocean quite yet–but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for desserts packed with sugar and carbs! With a few substitutions, you can create everything from Christmas cookies to a copycat of Starbucks’ famous white chocolate peppermint mocha from the comfort of your kitchen!


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