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In a world filled with bread and baguettes, corn syrup-laden juices, and sugary sodas, quitting carbohydrates and going keto can feel like an impossible task. But if you work at Sprouts Farmer’s Market in Katy, Texas, cutting out the carbs comes along with a team of support. Five of the employees at Sprouts have banded together to lose weight on the ketogenic diet—and together, they’ve lost 200 pounds and counting!

“The Keto Krew” achieves success together

The “Keto Krew” at Sprouts is made up of general manager Nick Glidden, grocery manager Farley Hayes, and fellow employees Chris Martinez, Micha Govella, and Ana Lewis. The first employee to hop on the keto train was Hayes, who knew he had to make a change when he reached 350 pounds. After just three weeks on the ketogenic diet, Hayes was down 65 pounds and two pants sizes—and his coworkers began to take notice. When coworkers complimented him on his weight loss and asked for tips, Hayes “wasn’t shy about telling them about what [he] was doing.” Before he knew it, Glidden had joined him—and shortly after that, the Keto Krew had taken off! By cheering each other on, the Keto Krew has shed over 200 combined pounds…and they’ve even made the mood a little more joyful around Sprouts as well!

“Morale is up.” Hayes happily told interviewers. “Everyone is trying to help.”

The carbohydrates of convenience

Although Glidden said that he was “sold on the ketogenic diet” as soon as he learned that bacon would be involved, he and other members of the Keto Krew knew that they would have more success if they worked together to identify keto-safe foods and foods that didn’t take forever to prepare. For example, Hayes realized that before he hopped on the keto train, he was choosing foods that were quick and convenient—which meant a ton of pasta, bread, and fast food dinners. Now, with the encouragement of his co-workers, Hayes devotes an entire evening or afternoon to prepare meals for the week ahead. And of course, when he discovers a new recipe or snack, he’s “quick to share” it with his fellow keto dieters.

More than just lost weight

The ketogenic diet is well-known to have benefits beyond lost weight, ranging from its original use fighting against epilepsy to fighting some of the most common cancers. However, Ana Lewis noticed another side effect of her team’s success—a better mood!

“[My coworkers] were making fun of me because I was coming to work and bouncing around,” Lewis said. “I have so much energy.” Managers have also commented on the ketogenic diet’s effects on store morale, and the Keto Krew was eventually noticed and commemorated on by Sprouts’ Healthy Living Heroes program, which promotes healthy lifestyles for their employees.

So, what’s next for the Keto Krew? As they continue to lose weight, they hope to spread their healthy message outside of Sprouts and into their local community.

“I’ve been trying to advocate for a keto section in the store,” said Hayes. “Almost daily we get two to three customers who talk to us about keto.” With a little morale boost from Sprouts, Katy might be headed towards a health revolution!


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