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Ancient Nutrition’s signature bone broth and keto-approved supplements may be popping up in an unexpected place—your local doctor’s office! Ancient Nutrition has recently announced a new agreement with Natural Partners–an online platform that allows practitioners to purchase supplements and other health products at wholesale prices. Company executives hope that this new partnership will open a new market for their keto-approved products and help make their health and wellness products accessible to a wider audience.

Adding accessibility

Ancient Nutrition is best known for their series of fortified bone broth powder, which was specifically designed to help men and women following the ketogenic diet get the vitamins and minerals that they might be lacking without loading up on carbohydrates. Since the broth’s inception, the company has also expanded its range, adding a line of supplements and collagen powder to its family. Seventeen of Ancient Nutrition’s products will be available on Natural Partners, including their line of men’s and women’s multivitamins, their collagen-enriched protein powder, and (of course) their low-carb bone broth.

Natural Partners connects patients with products

Natural Partners is an online wholesale supplement and health store that aims to educate practitioners and connect them and their patients with affordable health and wellness products. Natural Partners allows practitioners to open their own online dispensary that’s open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, giving patients access to discounts on the products that their healthcare provider recommends.

For Ancient Nutrition’s healthcare practitioner outreach specialist Jordan Weaver, the connection with Natural Partners may be a new move, but it’s one that’s been built on the foundational idea that a strong doctor-patient relationship is crucial to improved health.

“Ancient Nutrition has been partnering with [healthcare practitioners directly] since its inception, but this is the first time [that] we have partnered with [a] national supplement dispensary,” Weaver revealed in an interview. “We have always valued the relationship [that] practitioners have with their patients.”

Ancient Nutrition founder Dr. Josh Axe confirmed that he was confident that this new partnership would help more and more paleo and ketogenic dieters get the supplements they need by working directly with names they trust.

“The important role that a healthcare practitioner plays in the overall health journey of an individual patient is hard to overstate…Ancient Nutrition is proud to partner with Natural Partners Fullscript in this important step towards connecting transformative products that make a difference with healthcare practitioners who change people’s lives every day.”

Moving towards a more health-conscious public

Earlier this year, Ancient Nutrition secured $103 million in funding to promote and develop more keto-approved products. The company is only one of a host of businesses catering to a growing demographic of consumers demanding low-carb options on grocery store shelves and on the menus of their favorite restaurants.

So, where will consumers see Ancient Nutrition next? The company plans to further expand their reach on social media—and consumers may even see their favorite keto influencers enjoying these products soon!


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