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Tired of getting jerked around in the search for low-sugar jerky? Turns out, you’re not the only one, and Tillamook Country Smoker decided to rise to the challenge, meet consumer demands, and launch their new product: Zero Sugar Jerky1. As many advocates of a low-carb lifestyle can attest, finding sugar-free and low-sugar snacking alternatives can be challenging. So, will this new jerky rise to the occasion?

The Motivation Was Simple, the Process Was Not

Shane Chambers, CEO of Tillamook Country Smoker2 says, “So many of our consumers today are using our jerky and meat snack stick products to support their active lifestyle and several of them are following the keto and paleo diets, so they have been asking us for a low or no sugar jerky product.” The creation of No Sugar Jerky wasn’t all fun and games though. It took Tillamook Country Smoker’s research and development team over a year to remove sugar from the product entirely.

Traditionally, beef jerky is created through the use of sugar in several processes. It goes beyond finishing flavors and, historically, has been used throughout the curing process. However, Tillamook Country Smokers relied on its fundamental values to fuel the fire for Zero Sugar Jerky. It all starts with great beef, says Chambers. “It has to do with the way it is fed that it’s just a more well-marbled cut of meat.” Then, real hardwood smoke was used, offering a natural cure to an already better cut of beef.

Innovation Paves the Way for New Products

Because low-carb lifestyles continue to gain both popularity and attention, the demand for low-carb and low-sugar products shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Chambers and Tillamook Country Smokers looks to meet the market interest with a more expansive range of products in the near future. “Jerky is considered a very healthy snacking choice,” says Chambers, and the company already has its sights set on multi-serving and lunchbox items to meet low-carb consumer wants and wishes.

But for now, how do consumers think Zero Sugar Jerky measures up? According to Chambers, early response shows the time and effort put into the product are paying off. “The product has tested very, very well – well above category norms.”

Tillamook Country Smoker’s Zero Sugar Jerky is now available online, and each serving offers a whopping 14 grams of protein with no nitrites or carbs.


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