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Kaitlin is a freelance writer who enjoys learning about nutrition and wellness. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, dog, and 3 cats. In her free time, she loves to sketch, cycle, and nap.

Healing Leaky Gut With Your Diet

2019-02-26T11:40:19-05:00By |News|

More doctors are recognizing leaky gut as a medical condition. While there aren’t any definitive cures for this digestive issue, dietary changes may help. Many of the foods on the ketogenic diet have beneficial properties that can ease symptoms of several gut problems. What is Leaky Gut Syndrome? Also known as intestinal permeability, this disease’s [...]

The Habit That Makes or Breaks Weight Loss

2019-02-14T23:07:48-05:00By |News|

Love it or hate it, the scale is a crucial part of meeting health and weight loss goals. Yet there has always been some debate about how often to weigh in. Scientists over the years have done countless studies to figure out how useful regular weigh-ins are for those looking to lose weight or keep [...]

Supplements and Keto

2019-02-13T16:58:29-05:00By |News|

Achieving health and fitness goals can be tough for lots of people. Nutrition plays a key role, and without proper fuel, the body and mind can feel sluggish. The keto diet can be a wonderful way for individuals to slim down and build lean muscle, as it calls for fats, protein, and non-starchy veggies. Still, [...]

Koia Launches New Keto Beverage Line

2019-02-11T13:15:59-05:00By |News|

A delicious and nutritious drink is now available to those who follow the keto diet. Tailored specifically for those on the low-carb train, Koia shakes are packed with plant protein but have only 5 grams of net carbs and zero added sugars. With flavors like Chocolate Brownie, Cake Batter, and Caramel Creme, these drinks are [...]

Ketologie Targets Type 2 Diabetes

2019-02-06T09:48:29-05:00By |News|

Ketologie, a health and wellness company in Dallas, Texas, promotes a high-fat, low-carb diet with a unique keto program and line of products. They were appalled by the upward trend in diabetes over the past four decades and decided to do something about it. Now they’re trying to encourage healthier eating habits around the United [...]

Three Mistakes to Avoid on Keto

2019-01-22T18:50:03-05:00By |News|

As the keto diet becomes more popular, everyone from well-known celebrities to your next-door neighbor is trying it. This is one of the easiest lifestyle changes to adopt, and it can have some great results. However, there are still some common food mistakes that people make when going keto. Here are the top three to [...]

Fat Snax Enters Keto Cookie Market

2019-01-07T09:33:59-05:00By |News|

As the market for keto-friendly food continues to expand, one small business is making great strides. It’s no secret that excess sugar leads to obesity¹, but that hasn’t stopped big-name snack brands from loading their products with it. Vitamin Shoppe recently added a new brand to their lineup in hopes of appealing to more health-conscious [...]

The Dangers of Hydrogenation

2018-12-16T15:58:11-05:00By |News|

Take a glance at some nutrition facts labels and the ingredient “partially hydrogenated oil” is sure to turn up. What exactly is it and how does it affect the human body? Read on to learn about how manufacturers create hydrogenated oils and why they're in so many popular foods. The Hydrogenation Process Here's the best [...]

What Happened When This Woman Ate Whatever She Wanted

2018-11-28T10:42:58-05:00By |News|

When freelance writer Tara Goodrum let her healthy lifestyle slide, she thought she’d deal with dreaded weight gain. Her weight actually stayed the same, but that didn’t mean her body wasn’t changing in other ways. Eating Gone Wild Tara’s move from New York to London, followed by a trip to Asia caused her to throw [...]

The Downside of Managing Diabetes With Medication Rather Than Diet

2018-11-25T07:18:02-05:00By |News|

The management of diabetes involves lots of trial and error to find the right medication. In a society that likes to prescribe a pill for everything, it might seem strange to consider lifestyle changes in place of meds. However, lifestyle adjustments are a much more sustainable and effective way to get to the root of [...]

Protein Powder, Carbs, and Keto

2018-11-12T16:39:37-05:00By |News|

Whey protein is used by many people these days. Its benefits range from helping muscle growth and increasing endurance to reducing stress and weight¹. With so many options on the market, however, many people get confused as to which whey protein is best. Types of Whey Protein First off is whey isolate, which is the purest form [...]

Groundbreaking Study Explores Ketone Supplementation

2018-11-12T15:22:09-05:00By |News|

The ketogenic diet is proven to help people drop pounds, but it’s not always easy to maintain. Research on ketone supplements in mice points to the potential to stay in ketosis without the carb restriction. Ketone Supplement Study Research published in FASEB Journal suggests ketone supplements may increase the overall effectiveness of the keto diet. [...]

Natural Products Expo East Trade Show Highlights

2018-11-05T10:39:24-05:00By |News|

The 2018 Natural Products Expo East trade show introduced new brands and ideas. More than 1,600 participants from 115 countries shared the latest trends in organic and natural foods and beverages. Here are the highlights of the event! Hot Trends and Big Ideas A primary focus was alternative sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit. In [...]

GoFresh Hosts Event To Highlight Keto

2018-10-23T13:45:47-04:00By |News|

Interest in the keto diet has skyrocketed recently. What's all the hype about? Meal prep company GoFresh spent an evening answering common questions and offering some insight into this way of eating. GoFresh Adds Keto Diet to the Roster The meal delivery service makes cooking and eating healthy food at home easy and affordable. Their [...]

Study Shows Keto Diet Improves Cognitive Function

2018-10-23T13:34:30-04:00By |News|

By now, most of us have heard that the ketogenic diet can improve one’s physical health. Yet we’re learning more each day about the close connection between the body and mind. Studies on the keto diet's effect on mice could hold more clues.  Positive Results at the University of Kentucky Researchers at the University of [...]