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As the market for keto-friendly food continues to expand, one small business is making great strides. It’s no secret that excess sugar leads to obesity¹, but that hasn’t stopped big-name snack brands from loading their products with it. Vitamin Shoppe recently added a new brand to their lineup in hopes of appealing to more health-conscious consumers.

Humble Beginnings

Fat Snax2 is a start-up that launched just 18 months ago in Brooklyn, New York. It began when CEO Jeffrey Frese adopted a ketogenic lifestyle. He had trouble finding keto-approved snacks in grocery stores, but instead of giving up, he decided to make his own! Their cookies are sugar-free and have less than two grams of net carbs. Right now, there are three flavors: chocolate chip, peanut butter, and lemon. The Fat Snax team consists of just four people, but their work ethic and achievements far outweigh their size. Through hard work, honest ingredients and social media, the brand has garnered loyal followers. Now it’s going to launch its snacks in 740 Vitamin Shoppe stores around the country.

Joining Vitamin Shoppe

This is a huge accomplishment for such a young start-up. While older companies are trying to ditch the excess sugar, Fat Snax is one team that prioritized health from the beginning. The Vitamin Shoppe will feature the keto cookies in its “Keto HQ” section, a new area it unveiled this past summer. The store is going to sell the cookies in packs of 10, and they plan to introduce Fat Snax’s new flavors in the future.

Joining the Vitamin Shoppe family is sure to bring a whole new breed of customers to the small brand. While Fat Snax cookies are popular among keto dieters and even some celebrities, there are other carb-conscious individuals out there who could benefit from knowing about the company. The Vitamin Shoppe is a large retail chain that shares the start-up’s values and can usher in more shoppers who are looking for a healthier snack.

Changing Consumers’ Habits

Fax Snax is sure to have success in the retail sphere, and their nationwide expansion is a huge step forward. The food industry dictates consumers’ eating habits², and companies like Fat Snax are fighting against it. Their competitors are starting to look like poor health choices compared to the delicious cookies consumers could eat instead. It’s a long road ahead, but the more low-carb and reduced sugar options out there, the more people can start making better grocery shopping choices. This small cookie company is leading the way.  


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