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The 2018 Natural Products Expo East trade show introduced new brands and ideas. More than 1,600 participants from 115 countries shared the latest trends in organic and natural foods and beverages. Here are the highlights of the event!

Hot Trends and Big Ideas

A primary focus was alternative sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit. In fact, monk fruit is gaining popularity in both foods and drinks. For example, some Arctic Zero desserts use monk fruit concentrate instead of sugar. Other manufacturers are combining cane sugar with other sweeteners. Moreover, some pre-bottled teas aren’t using sweeteners at all. This means many consumers’ expectations of “sweet” will likely change in the near future.

A Focus on Lifestyle Changes

The rise in paleo, keto, and plant-based diets is influencing brands. People following these diets typically limit carbs and sugar, leading to new trends in natural foods and beverages. For instance, Jones Dairy Farm breakfast meats and Joy’s Gourmet dressings and spreads are cutting added sugars without losing flavor. Peckish offers boiled organic eggs with various toppings for quick and easy meal prep. Hodo makes noodles out of yuba, a nutritious, protein-filled soy cream.

Regardless of diet choice, people want to cut back on sugar. There were beverage companies who offered drinks with organic, low-sugar ingredients. Cham and Sound showcased sparkling water and tea. Know Brainer’s ketogenic creamers were a familiar feature. In fact, coffee and creamers were a hit at the expo. Picnik, Kitu, and Chameleon coffee drinks offer organically-sourced ingredients and innovative flavors. Remember though, staying hydrated is crucial!

Committing to Health and Sustainability

Natural Products Expo East prides itself on a commitment to healthy, sustainable brands. After all, the US’s natural products industry size increased by 6.3 percent last year alone. Small businesses focused on kelp drinks, immunity-boosting mushrooms, and fats like the pili nut¹. A “Big Ideas in Organic” presentation gave new insights on how entrepreneurs can lead the way to better health.

In addition, prepared foods had a starring role at the expo. Sophie’s Kitchen and Wildscape frozen meals contain organic ingredients and appeal to busy lifestyles. Keto-approved snacks like Caulipower sweet potato toasts pleased the crowd. Organic products mainly reach consumers through conventional supermarkets, natural food stores, and direct-to-consumer markets². This year’s expo brought promising trends and ideas that can help Americans fight obesity, prep better meals, and eat more organically.


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