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DietDemand, a nationally-recognized weight-loss center focusing on providing customized dietary and exercise plans for those looking to shed excess weight, has recently announced in a press release1 that they will be expanding their ketogenic offerings in the coming year. The company explained that the increased focus on providing ketogenic options to their clientele was inspired by rising obesity rates and new research supporting the idea that a low-carb diet is superior for rapid weight loss.

DietDemand’s new plan

DietDemand’s plan to offer more ketogenic support to patients will begin with strict diet supervision. A physician and nutritionist will monitor the client to ensure that they are not consuming too many carbohydrates while simultaneously keeping themselves up on the vitamins and minerals they’ll need to support their new lifestyle.

“Generally, a ketogenic diet is most effective when supervised by a doctor because keto-adaptation, or the process of adjusting to the dietary limitations, takes time and diligent monitoring of any potential nutritional deficiencies,” a spokesperson confirmed.

Following an initial 1-2 week adjustment period, DietDemand’s team will help craft individualized nutrition plans that focus on keeping carbohydrate count between 20 and 50 grams based on the individual needs of the patient. Personalized vitamin regimens will also be introduced to limit the effects of keto flu and other adverse side effects.

Keto for rapid weight loss

DietDemand has stated that their new ketogenic offerings are specially tailored for “those who must lose 100 pounds or more.”1 The ketogenic diet has long been used by doctors encouraging patients to lose a significant amount of weight thanks to the quick results that are typically seen when carb-count is limited. Dr. Now of TLC’s hit series My 600 Pound Life has also famously recommended that his patients follow a diet that’s low in carbohydrates and high in protein before weight-loss surgery to limit risk.

A country going keto?

DietDemand is far from the only company catering to clientele who are cutting carbs. Manufacturers of everything from beef jerky to pizza dough have begun retooling their offerings to appeal to a consumer market looking to reduce fat by eating fewer carbs. The low-carb trend doesn’t end when you exit the supermarket—a new line of restaurants catering almost exclusively to ketogenic dieters have popped up across the globe. Bloggers focusing on informing locals and tourists where to find the best keto-approved meals in their city have gained notoriety online2…and more and more restaurants have begun to take notice.

Will other nutrition planning companies begin to follow DietDemand’s lead and offer more keto-approved regimens? Only time will tell. However, for now, the future of low-carb options both in-stores and on the menu of the world’s favorite restaurants looks bright.


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