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Perkier and Porkier

The brand that has become synonymous with pushing the boundaries with jerky has once again changed the game. Perky Jerky, a Colorado-based company, came on to the scene a few years ago, offering clean ingredient, caffeinated beef and turkey jerky. Dedicated to health and giving back, Perky Jerky quickly made a name for themselves. They’ve since become ubiquitous in gas stations and groceries nationwide.  

Now, Perky Jerky is shaking things up again with a new line of low-carb pork jerky. The final product is 80 calories and 8 grams of protein per serving. Perky’s pork jerky also contains 40 percent less sugar than other pork jerky brands and is made of natural, clean ingredients.1

Stand-Out Strategy

According to chief commercial officer, Denise Sirovatka, the secret behind the company’s success is their understanding of their core consumer. “[They] are busy millennials looking for high protein, low-carb snacks they can enjoy on the run … Our new line of pork jerky delivers a lean protein with exciting flavors that are right on trend.”

Overall, this seems to be a reasonably accurate assessment of eating trends in the last five years. An increasing number of people are turning to low-carb diets to address a variety of health needs, from rheumatoid arthritis to diabetes to weight management. In a low-carb diet, proteins and fats get substituted for carbs and sugars as a primary source of energy. Often, experts suggest pork as a high protein, high-fat option. People engaging in a keto, paleo, or other low-carb lifestyle are increasingly requesting these kinds of products from the food service industry. Perky Jerky’s new line shows that companies are paying attention to the demand.

At this time, Perky Jerky Pork comes in three flavors: Mountain Maple, Coconut Curry, and Asian Five Spice. The company is clearly catering to current consumers’ international tastes. Additionally,  the pork jerky’s packaged with women in mind, reflecting the growing number of women following low-carb diets. It’s clear that Perky’s intends to be a formidable contender in the increasingly competitive food aisle. With their finger on the food trend pulse, others will have to raise the bar to keep up.


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