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What exactly is a taco? Though this may sound like a silly question, it’s the inquiry that would eventually spark Kentucky native Ashley Bledsoe’s culinary creativity. Bledsoe is the mind behind Taco Holler1, one of the country’s first taco trucks serving up low-carb tacos with a focus on fresh ingredients—and now, she’s turning her attention to expanding awareness for the benefits of a ketogenic diet and proving that “low-carb” doesn’t have to mean “boring.”

Passion: the secret ingredient at Taco Holler

It was a visit to the Kentucky State Fair that would inspire Taco Holler to come to life. While enjoying a meal at Taco Luchador, a Louisville-based restaurant specializing in Mexican cuisine, Bledsoe struck up a conversation with another guest on the topic of just how many types of tacos there were. Bledsoe realized that what made the taco was its casing—that there was basically no limit to what the taco could be filled with.

“Our conclusion was this: much like a sandwich, a taco can be just about anything as long as it is wrapped with a shell or tortilla. That led to a discussion of what kinds of tacos we could have in Harlan, and the rest, as they say, is history,” recalled Bledsoe.

Bledsoe was struck with a vision—and Taco Holler, a unique and innovative food truck, was born.

Tacos without the carbohydrates?

Taco Holler’s menu is diverse, offering a number of crazy taco flavors that customers can’t taste anywhere else. From a Philly cheesesteak taco to a pizza taco, Taco Holler serves up truly unique spins on the Mexican classic. However, some of their most popular tacos come from their low-carb menu; in addition to full-carb favorites, Taco Holler offers low-carb cheesecakes, muffins, and even pizza crusts. The food truck also offers vegan and gluten-free versions of a number of their menu items.

“We want to be inclusive and offer something for everyone who wishes to order our food,” said Ashley. “That’s important to us, and it is at the core of our business model. Our community is our family.”

A market asking for low-carb alternatives

Taco Holler is far from the first business to cater to a growing segment of the consumer market searching for low-carb options. Fit n’ Fat Grill, a sports bar located in South Carolina, recently made headlines by switching up their offerings to appeal to a crowd of low-carb dieters with keto-approved wings, burgers, and even mozzarella sticks. The low-carb trend goes far beyond small mom and pop shops—big brands are also jumping on the bandwagon as well. General Mills, one of the largest manufacturers of food products in the world, made waves when they formed a partnership with low-carb and non-dairy protein bar startup No Cow.

Across the country and around the world, consumers are looking for healthier options that are lower in carbohydrates and sugar to fuel themselves and their families. There seems to be no stopping the low-carb consumption wave—the only question that remains is “which company will be next?”


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