Fitness Supplements Guide

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To Take or Not To Take? Many people consider their fitness supplements an important part of their lives. Some keep it as simple as a multivitamin to make sure there are no gaps in their diets, while others ingest a bevy of different substances for various reasons. Take for example, Tim Ferriss, author of The [...]

Egg Carton Labels Guide

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Incredible Edible Egg! Eggs are one of the most versatile foods on Earth! Fried, poached, boiled, emulsified, beaten, whipped, baked, separated, souffled or eaten raw- eggs are a must! They're full of fat and protein, with very little carbs, which makes them perfect for anyone on a ketogenic diet. The average large egg contains 5g [...]

Keto Friendly Food List | Low Carb Food List

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Keto Friendly Food List – What You Can Eat & Drink on Keto Eating on a keto or low carb diet may feel limited at first but as most long-term low carb-ers would agree, it gets better! You get more creative and discover a new world of interesting and delicious foods. A diet full of bacon [...]

Keto Flu Symptoms | What Is the Keto Flu

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What are the Keto Flu Symptoms & How to Help! Keto flu is the name given to a set of symptoms some people experience when first starting keto. It’s not actually a flu and definitely not contagious, but it can become quite tiring. Keto flu symptoms are very similar to that of your regular flu [...]

Benefits of Eating Bone Marrow

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What is Bone Marrow? Bone marrow is considered a delicacy in many cultures and is gaining popularity in the keto and paleo community because of the wealth of nutrients (and the taste!) that can be found within it. In fact, when animals prey upon each other, they have been seen to go directly for the [...]

Intermittent Fasting and Weight Loss

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Intermittent Fasting For Beginners! Intermittent fasting or IF is a pattern or schedule of eating. It’s not a diet, meaning it doesn't change what you eat, just when you eat. Intermittent fasting can help with fat loss along with many other benefits which we’ll cover in a moment. Interestingly, many people will eat the same [...]

Intermittent Fasting FAQ

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Intermittent Fasting FAQ - Do I have to fast every day? Is it okay to miss some days? Are there are types of schedules like every other week or alternate day? Is the 5:2 fast diet similar to intermittent fasting? Can I be on keto for intermittent fasting? Is it better or worse? Can I [...]

Guide To Macronutrients and Counting Macros

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What Are Macronutrients (Macros)? What are macronutrients? Macronutrients are molecules that our bodies use to create energy for themselves - primarily fat, protein and carbs. They are found in all foods in varying amounts, measured in grams (g) on the nutrition labels. Fat provides 9 calories per gram Protein provides 4 calories per gram Carbohydrates [...]