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Total Keto Diet Featured at DownloadAstro – App of the Day!

2019-07-30T17:15:02-04:00By |News|

Leading software website, DownloadAstro, recently featured our all-in-one Android and iPhone app, Total Keto Diet, in its App of the Day collection. In an interview with Rami Abramov, founder of Tasteaholics, So Nourished, and TryLowCarb, the tech website highlighted some of the features that make the app a powerful tool in the hands of those [...]

Israel’s Yofix Launches Plant-Based Yogurt Alternative

2019-02-27T11:21:18-05:00By |News|

Wondering whether healthy eating choices are catching on? If so, look no further than the innovation happening in the global food industry. As consumers turn away from junk food towards healthier options, companies that are willing to innovate reap huge rewards. The trend towards healthier choices has also created space in the market for a [...]

Glycemic Index Versus Glycemic Load: the Science Behind the Carbs

2019-02-21T10:00:54-05:00By |News|

Advocates for healthy eating have long understood that not all calories are equal. The carbohydrates in different foods can vary in their impact on your blood sugar, especially if you suffer from diabetes. Two tools can help us get a clearer understanding of how a given food might impact our health: glycemic index and glycemic [...]

The #2 Rule of Cutting Carbs: Keto and Constipation

2019-01-29T07:56:02-05:00By |News|

Sometimes, it happens (or, rather, in this case, IT doesn’t). You’ve started the keto diet and made cutting carbs and hitting your macros priority number one…but suddenly, you find yourself struggling—with number two. Maybe you’ve started charging ahead on your journey towards healthy eating, but things are getting a little backed up behind. That’s right: [...]

Harvard Study Affirms Benefits of Low-Carb Diets

2019-01-10T16:09:24-05:00By |News|

A recent study conducted by researchers at Harvard showed something that keto enthusiasts have long proclaimed: not all calories are equal. The team's findings might surprise many dieters trying to lose weight: counting calories may not be enough to lose weight and keep it off. Instead, “the type of calories you consume may influence how [...]

Cauliflower: The Nutritious Substitute for Starchy Foods

2019-01-07T15:31:04-05:00By |News|

When you get down to it, some foods just make healthy eating much easier. As you set out in pursuit of your New Year’s resolution to be healthier (or continue your already established lifestyle of healthy eating), we want to be sure you’re aware of these foods and the benefits they can bring to your [...]

Many Youth Are Choosing Unsafe Dieting Practices

2018-12-24T08:51:29-05:00By |News|

Many people desire to lose weight. The surest solution to a healthy weight is a sustainably healthy diet alongside healthy exercise habits. Unfortunately, the appeal of a “quick fix” or “simple solution” leads many to unhealthy, unsustainable, and even unsafe habits. In July 2018, two researchers affiliated with Concordia University in Montreal released a literature [...]

Gatorade Adds Sugar-free Option in Response to Consumer Demands

2018-11-12T16:10:10-05:00By |News|

It took 53 years, but they finally did it: this past summer, Gatorade introduced its first-ever sugar-free beverage. The beverage-maker now offers Gatorade Zero as the sugar- and carb-free option in its sports drink lineup.  As more consumers are avoiding sugar and carbs, Gatorade recognized a need to create a drink to meet their needs. How [...]

Sugar Industry Struggling With Lower Prices and Demand

2018-09-26T16:49:48-04:00By |News|

The global sugar-producing industry finds itself in a precarious position as increased supply and decreased demand have resulted in plummeting sugar prices.  As consumers in major markets are choosing healthier options, major sugar-producing countries are finding themselves with large amounts of sugar they cannot sell. Why are sugar prices falling? Reason #1: Global production of [...]