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Leading software website, DownloadAstro, recently featured our all-in-one Android and iPhone app, Total Keto Diet, in its App of the Day collection. In an interview with Rami Abramov, founder of Tasteaholics, So Nourished, and TryLowCarb, the tech website highlighted some of the features that make the app a powerful tool in the hands of those who wish to pursue a healthier, low carb, lifestyle.

Tracking meals with total control

Our major challenge was locating a food database that could accommodate the needs of low-carb dieters. To help individuals meet their unique needs, we needed to find a company with a robust database that included allergens and non-US food products (everyone has US food products so that part was easy).

Once this was done, we needed to develop a modular recipe system that allowed users to swap out ingredients while still giving the final nutritional value of the meal. If you want to modify a recipe by adding or subtracting any ingredient, not only can you do that, but you can also find out how it impacts the nutritional value of your meal. Since the keto diet requires dieters to track their macros, our app gives you unprecedented flexibility and knowledge when meal-planning.

What’s next for Total Keto Diet?

Since one of the team’s biggest goals is to grow the low-carb community, both current and future features move the app that in direction. We are preparing to release a fully personalized and customizable meal planning system. The meal planner will allow you to input your allergens and dietary restrictions along with your calorie and macronutrient goals and the app will generate a week of meals instantly.

We are also working on building an online community, allowing users from all devices and our other websites/companies to connect, share recipes, and more.

What makes Total Keto Diet unique?

First, the recipes. Our app provides hundreds of free keto recipes and adds more weekly. When you combine this with the powerful ingredient substitution and nutritional calculation tool, low-carb eating is more accessible than ever.

Second, net carb calculations. Not all carbs are created equal; the app helps users by subtracting out fiber and sugar alcohols from total carbs to get the most accurate assessment of their carb intake.

Third, the app is free. Better health is the goal, and low-carb eating is the means to that end. Thus, we wanted this tool in the hands of everyone who is pursuing a different, healthier lifestyle. You can check out the app today, totally free, with no catches. Hundreds of thousands of users have agreed–our app is perfect for helping you pursue your health goals!


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