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Wondering whether healthy eating choices are catching on? If so, look no further than the innovation happening in the global food industry. As consumers turn away from junk food towards healthier options, companies that are willing to innovate reap huge rewards. The trend towards healthier choices has also created space in the market for a number of smaller startups which are eager to create totally new products.

One such company is Yofix Probiotics.1 The product idea began with a lactose-intolerant agricultural engineer named Ronen Lavee. After a fruitless search for a satisfactory dairy-free yogurt, he began experimenting with possible combinations to create his own. He ended up creating Yofix, described as a “yogurt alternative.”

What’s in the yogurt?

The beauty of Yofix is in its simplicity. The product contains nothing more than a formula of oats, coconut, sunflower seeds, lentils, and sesame seeds. This non-dairy mix also includes a fruit item to add sweetness and flavor. The mix is fermented and cultured, allowing it to contain both prebiotics and probiotics. The end product is both dairy- and soy-free, but contains the health benefits of yogurt. Not only that, but according to press releases, Yofix also has the taste and texture of yogurt!

Just as important as what’s IN the yogurt is what’s NOT in the yogurt. According to the company website, Yofix does not contain dairy, soy, added sugar, preservatives, or additives. Additionally, because the product does not utilize any nuts like cashews and almonds, it has a low ecological footprint. Yofix doesn’t rely on cashews or almonds to create a dairy-free product. Although these nuts are favored by many consumers, they require massive amounts of groundwater to produce. The foods utilized in Yofix, however, come from products grown in a sustainable manner.

What does this mean for healthy eating?

Unfortunately, if you’re wondering how this new product can fit into your eating plan, you’ll have to wonder a little bit longer, as nutritional value is not yet available. The company has not launched the product in Europe and the United States, but plans to in the near future. Yofix Probiotics recently snagged the top prize in a competition for start-up food companies, winning a $114,000 grant. They anticipate using this grant money to launch the product outside of Israel.

Although you may not be able to get your non-dairy yogurt fix yet, this product exemplifies a new reality for consumers who desire new options. Yofix is yet one more example of the innovation happening to satisfy the needs of consumers who desire healthier, more natural, and ecologically-friendly options. As that market grows, expect to see more and more companies reimagine recipes in a way that satisfies your palette while still promoting your well-being.


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