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It’s something that every dieter in the world has experienced, no matter how much self-control they have: food cravings. Ketogenic dieters often find themselves with intense cravings for carbohydrates, especially in the first week when they are transitioning into ketosis. But did you know that when you’re drooling over the donut box in the office break room or doing a double-take at the candy in the checkout line, your  body may be indicating that you are low on a certain vitamin, mineral, or nutrient?

Before you break down and eat that bagel you’ve been practically daydreaming about, read on to learn about the three most common carbohydrate cravings, and what keto-approved substitutes will leave you feeling satisfied!


If you’re experiencing chocolate cravings, you’re certainly not alone; chocolate is the most-craved food in the entire world, with 40 percent of women and 15 percent of men saying that they “frequently” find themselves with a craving for the sweet treat.1 However, what your body is actually begging for when you find yourself craving chocolate is usually magnesium and B12 vitamins, both of which are essential components of chocolate.2

Instead of binging on sweets, try whipping up a small salad with spinach and roasted salmon. Both of these food sources have the nutrients that your body is looking for, without the excess carbs!


Been staring at your co-worker’s bag of potato chips all morning? Chances are that you’re low on electrolytes or you are dehydrated. If you’ve just started the ketogenic diet and you’re feeling fatigued and irritable along with your craving, you may also be caught in your body’s adjustment period, commonly referred to as the “keto flu.”

The solution? Replenish your hydration and your electrolyte balance without consuming a ton of carbohydrates by drinking coconut water! You can enjoy coconut water chilled, or mix it into a vegetable protein shake. However, make sure you read the label on your coconut water before you sip, and ensure that it’s unsweetened. Some brands add loads of sugar to make the water taste like juice!

Fried food

If a bucket of fried chicken is calling your name, your body is low on essential fatty acids. Cravings for fried food mean that your body is searching for a quick fix to the problem, but luckily, there are plenty of keto-safe fats that can satisfy your cravings without kicking yourself out of ketosis.

Instead of heading for the drive-thru, choose a healthy fat to chase away your craving. Some great sources of healthy fats that are also low in carbohydrates include steak, salmon, avocado, other red meats, and olive oil. Just remember to stay away from the breading, as these types of foods almost always come along with scarily high carbohydrate counts!

Understanding your cravings can help you make smarter choices without suffering the rest of your day wishing you could binge on cookies and candy. The next time you find yourself snacking, make smarter choices that will keep you in ketosis– your waistline will thank you!


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