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A recent addition to one of Sydney’s trendiest neighborhoods may signify Australian adoption of an increasingly global trend of low-carb dieting. Similar in ethos to Los Angeles in California, Australians rely on the area of Bondi Beach to offer the latest and greatest in trendy food offerings from abroad. After all, the area was a haven for vegetarian and vegan restaurants before the trend went mainstream. Now, a new wave may be approaching Sydney through Skinny’s Bar & Grill. As crazes typically have their start in Bondi, it’s likely that Skinny’s will be the first of many keto cafes soon to pop up down under.  Offering a menu full of pizza, burgers, and even ice cream, Skinny’s has something to say to Sydney: “You don’t have to fill up on sugar and carbs to fill up on flavor!”

Fatter flavor for a skinnier you

Everything that you need to know about Skinny’s can be found right in their slogan: “low on carbs, fat on flavor.”1 Their menu offerings have been specifically designed to mimic the flavor and texture of everyone’s favorite comfort foods–comfort foods that most people believe that they are forced to give up when going low-carb or keto. Shunning boring salad options and dry meat, the team at Skinnys uses ingredients like soy, cauliflower, and almond flour to create low-carb friendly dough and buns.

Perhaps even more exciting than the thinner waistlines being made at Skinny’s is the difference that customers are making just for enjoying the low-carb foods that they love. A dollar from every meal purchased at Skinny’s goes to benefit the Black Dog Institute, a research organization dedicated to helping Australians improve their health through better and more consistent physical activity.

Cooking keto at home…and for the future

Though “keto cafes” are largely considered by the world to be an American food trend, the truth is that the Aussies have us beat on this one. The world’s very first keto cafe, Karibou Cafe, was opened in Perth in 2014 when information on the ketogenic diet was not nearly as mainstream as it is today.

Can’t quite make it down under to give Skinny’s Bar and Grill a taste? No worries mate! Going keto stateside doesn’t have to mean subsisting entirely off bland salads and uninspired grilled chicken. With a few easy substitutes to your diet and pantry supplies (and a little bit of inspiration from the team at Tasteaholics!), you can enjoy all the flavor of some of your favorite comfort foods…at a fraction of the sugar and carb content.


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