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For low-carb dieters in Canada, satisfying a sweet tooth is a little bit simpler. New low-carb confectionary company SmartSweets has hit the ground running, gunning for the top candy companies through CEO Tara Bosch’s unique blend of passion and innovation. After noticing a distinct lack of Canadian-made options for low-sugar sweets, Bosch cut the candy’s carbs and created her own line of low-sugar, all-natural gummies that are currently capturing the hearts (and stomachs!) of Canadian consumers. Now, market maverick Bosch has her eyes set on a new target–the tongues of the United States’ picky tasters.

SmartSweets’ Smashing Innovation

When it comes to a love of candy, Bosch can give even the most hardcore Hershey’s addict a run for their money. The self-proclaimed “candy fiend” came up with the idea for SmartSweets when she found herself frustrated with her local supermarket’s lack of low-carb candy choices. After a flash of inspiration, Bosch put her nose to the grindstone and saved up $15,000 working odd jobs to put her company on the map. In 2015, SmartSweets crash-landed onto the shelves of stores across Canada, largely thanks to Bosch’s commitment to her message and mission of lowering the country’s sugar intake.1

A handshake with Whole Foods

After a bursting into the candy market by what she calls a sheer “force of will,” Bosch caught the attention of the person who would help facilitate her company’s biggest move yet: Jason Krolikowski, the international candy buyer for global health-conscious grocer Whole Foods. At this time, SmartSweets had a number of offers from American companies hoping to move her products to the United States. After Krolikowski reached out to her to expand her confectionary line into the selection at Whole Foods, Bosch felt that she had finally found the perfect vehicle to help move her message of low-sugar goodness into the United States. In March, Whole Foods began a partnership with SmartSweets, moving the line into a number of stores in the US as a formal test run of the brand’s power in a more competitive market. Bosch hopes that the partnership will be a success, and is continuing to develop her line of low-sugar sweets. She hopes that her products will make it onto the shelves of 10,000 stores by the end of this year.

Is the market ready for low-carb candies?

Does SmartSweets stand a chance of fighting for a share of the heavily saturated confectionary market of the United States? Research and current data suggest that Bosch’s low-carb formula may be particularly appealing to the growing market of Paleo and ketogenic dieters. From government regulations chastising the producers of sugar-loaded treats to research confirming the benefits of a low-carb lifestyle, the demand for sugarless sweets is steadily increasing.


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