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The average coffee creamer is 60 percent carbs, which isn’t great if you want only 5 percent of your calorie intake to come from carbohydrates.  Traditionally, those on the ketogenic diet avoid coffee creamers entirely, but many people prefer their coffee creamy and would rather find keto-friendly creamer options to make the most out of their mornings. Enter the keto-friendly coffee creamer by ketogenic food company Know Brainer.

A Noteworthy Creamer

Know Brainer calls their new creamer simply: “Ketogenic Creamer.” They have two options: an almond and coconut milk blend and grass-fed milk with cream. Both options are made with MCT oil and organic grass-fed butter with collagen.

The company introduced its new ketogenic creamer at the Natural Products Expo West Show in Anaheim, California. The judges nominated them as NEXTY Award finalists for “best new dairy product.”

This creamer is an excellent health choice even for those who do not follow a ketogenic diet. Many “traditional” coffee creamers are chock-full of ingredients like carrageenan that cause inflammation and digestive problems. They are often packed with artificial flavors and preservatives. Know Brainer provides a better way to cream your coffee, whether or not you’re aiming for a lower-carb, high-fat diet.

About Know Brainer

Know Brainer offers keto-friendly beverage options, including coffee, matcha tea, chai tea, hot chocolate, and single-serve coffee creamers made with coconut MCT oil and ghee. At the 2017 Expo East Pitch Slam, they won “Best product innovation, branding, and relevance to the marketplace.”

The Know Brainer website touts their products as being able to help with mental clarity and weight management, which coincide with the goals of keto. Their flagship creamer products come in convenient single packages that are perfect for traveling.

Partnership with Nestle

Know Brainer is partnering with Nestlé through the Terra Food + Ag Tech Accelerator program, which aims to “fuel cross-industry innovation and set a new standard for food and agriculture,” and whose model provides startups with the “opportunity to work hand-in-hand with corporate partners in a dedicated product validation program.”1

Sources say that the partnership has been mutually beneficial for both companies, as Nestlé has been able to test the ketogenic product niche alongside Know Brainer, which has benefitted from the consumer insights and product development strengths offered by Nestlé.

Both companies see the value in the ketogenic diet and how low-carb, healthy fat offerings can benefit both their consumers and the bottom lines of their companies.


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