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In the ongoing effort to combat type 2 diabetes, many studies indicate that a low carb, ketogenic diet may be the key.1 However, for those that have been prescribed a ketogenic diet to treat diabetes, the process of adopting this lifestyle can be quite the challenge. Accustomed to a diet that is high in sugar and carbohydrates, the transition to a ketogenic lifestyle isn’t always an easy one – though the benefits have been shown to improve or even reverse type 2 diabetes entirely.

Using Telemedicine to Treat Diabetes

On the heels of his seventh Ironman competition, Sami Inkinen was shocked to learn he was diagnosed with prediabetes – a mere step away from a full type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Though physically active and ‘in shape,’ at that moment, Sami joined the over 50% of US adults diagnosed with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes.

Though physical activity is known to reduce the risk of diabetes, it’s important to note that nutrition also plays a very important role in prevention and treatment. As the founder of the real estate startup, Trulia, Inkinen was compelled to develop a strategy to make treatment and reversal of diabetes easily accessible to the general population – and Virta Health was created.

Using a smartphone app or a laptop, along with a subscription membership, Virta Health partners a physician-monitored ketogenic diet treatment plan and a health coach with a variety of data gathering tools to create a comprehensive way to reverse type 2 diabetes and prediabetes without a need for routine office visits.

Making Treatment Accessible

For many embarking on the journey to treat or reverse their diabetes or prediabetes diagnosis, a support system to maintain accountability and monitor progress is essential. Previous plans that require frequent office visits aren’t always practical for the average American, so having access to your support system virtually is a far more convenient option for many. In addition to monitoring weight, blood sugar readings, and food diaries, the Virta Health app also provides recommendations based on progress to maintain control over blood sugar and A1C levels.

In a recent clinical trial study, the effectiveness of Virta Health as a remote model for the treatment and management of type 2 diabetes was found to be exceptionally effective.2 Of the participants that chose Virta Health as part of their treatment plan, an average weight loss of 12% and a drop in A1C of about 1.3% was noted – where those that chose to follow a traditional treatment protocol saw little to no improvement in their health.

Without insurance, Virta Health subscribers pay a hefty $370 per month for the service. However, it’s important to note that many health insurance and corporate wellness plans can reduce or eliminate the cost of service altogether.


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