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When most people imagine themselves on the ketogenic diet, they picture a breakfast, lunch, and dinner that are each stuffed with bacon, eggs, and steak cooked in butter. Unfortunately, this stereotype has put a number of vegan dieters off the idea of going keto, believing that it’s impossible to go low-carb without consuming meat or animal products. Enter Nosh Detox, the British company aiming to flip the world’s idea of eating keto by offering delicious meals that are free of both cruelty and carbohydrates.

Nosh Detox’s low-carb plan

Nosh Detox was founded by wellness coach Geeta Sidhu-Robb with a simple vision in mind: making nutrition less of a chore and more of a fun and fulfilling journey. Nosh Detox’s latest venture is their VeganKeto package, which offers membership plans that deliver freshly made low-carb meals that are also organic and free of animal products. The program includes creative twists on classic carnivore favorites, including courgette “spaghetti” and nachos con queso–all of which are totally meat and animal product-free. Nosh Detox also offers several personalized plans intended to help those following special diets keep on-track with their health without spending hours in the grocery store or organizing ingredients. The company sells fresh juices, vitamin drips, and fitness coaching to help Brits reach their weight-loss and dietary goals.

Who is Nosh Detox for?

Programs like Nosh Detox are most effectively used by busy men and women who don’t have time to plan, shop for, calculate macros for their meals. VeganKeto is the latest offering in Nosh Detox’s membership plans, which delivers fresh pre-made meals and snacks to subscriber’s doors.

Though membership plans are currently only available to residents of the United Kingdom, choosing to consume fewer carbohydrates has been recommended by many medical professionals for men and women looking to shed excess weight.

Keto and the vegan diet

Contrary to popular belief, men and women following the vegan diet do not necessarily have to load their plates up with carbs to get the nutrition they need to stay satiated and healthy.  Tofu, which comes in at about 2.3g of carbohydrates per half cup, and can be consumed in moderation on a vegan keto diet. Some vegans also like to use jackfruit as a meat-substitute; the young jackfruit’s texture absorbs sauces and spices easily, and many vegans liken it to a pulled pork alternative. Zucchini noodles, cauliflower “rice,” and a sprinkle of chia seeds can help chase the initial carb cravings away.

Looking to learn more about nutrition on the ketogenic diet? You don’t need to depend on deliveries from Nosh Detox to help improve your confidence and maintain a healthy weight! Check out Tasteaholic’s list of low-carb vegetables–and consider incorporating some of these keto-approved favorites on your next grocery shopping list!


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