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Keto Krate is one of the best tools you can have on a low carb diet! They expertly curate and send full-sized, low carb products to your doorstep every month. Each Keto Krate is full of brands, both new and well-known. The products can range from sweet to savory and are always less than 5 grams of net carbs! Best of all, they require their featured products to be maltitol-free (the harshest of the zero-carb sugar alcohols).

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But first, take a look at September’s box and its yummy contents!

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Cello WHISPS Parmesan Cheese Crisps

On keto, you’ve definitely run into the issue of not having crackers to use with spreads or to simply munch on. That’s where Cello comes in! These parmesan cheese crispy crackers are very good and highly addictive. There’s a fair amount of whisps in the package so they’ll keep you happy for a while. We love the taste and texture and have seen them in more stores lately so they’re definitely gaining popularity.

pumpkin seeds

SKOUT Backcountry Pumpkin Seeds

These yummy SKOUT Backcountry Pumpkin Seeds were jalapeno salsa flavored which we thought added just the right amount of kick. Have a handful at once to get the full flavor! They’re perfect for on the go when you’re at school or work and taste great as a salad addition (instead of croutons).

miracle rice

Miracle Rice by Miracle Noodle

Another great product from Miracle Noodle in our Krate! The preparation of Miracle Noodle Rice is pretty simple and straightforward as with their other products. The rice was darn good! We made it with our Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl recipe and loved it. The texture is a bit like overcooked, soft rice and absorbs and flavors easily so it’s a great filler and textural addition to any dish.


ADAPT Coffee Shot – Hazelnut

Adapt’s coffee shot was easy to use and adds extra flavor to your coffee or tea. The hazelnut flavor was very strong and tasted pretty good. These shots come in little packages and are great if you want to take it with you and infuse your drink on the way. This was the second Adapt Coffee Shot we’ve received in our Keto Krate – both flavors are great and can even be enjoyed straight out of the packet. We slurped it up on a road trip and were very happy!


Braaitime Gourmet Cured Meats: Biltong

This brand of jerky was pretty good and a unique flavor brought to us from South Africa. Braaitime writes that they use a low heat drying process for the meat which preserves all the natural fats and enzymes keeping the meat very healthy and super delicious. We’ve already ordered a few of their other products to try!


Nature’s Hollow Sugar Free Maple Syrup

We love finding delicious, keto-friendly counterparts to the flavors that we enjoyed before keto. This sugar free maple syrup is pretty damn close to the real thing and will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. You don’t have to worry about how much you use or how often you’re eating it or why you aren’t stopping or that you went ahead and bought a full case of it to last you through the winter and all of next year. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Sweetwood Cattle Co. Fatty Stick

A little hard to open but totally worth it. It’s the keto-friendly, gluten-free, heavily-upgraded version of a Slim Jim with a barbecue flavor that enhances its taste. The only thing I didn’t like about it is how fast it ended! Sweetwood Cattle needs to sell fatty sticks like these but about a yard in length. ๐Ÿ™‚

Keto Krate’s service is unique and convenient because it saves tons of time on researching products and separately purchasing each one. The box comes right to your door once a month and has a lot of different low carb foods waiting to be discovered. You’re bound to fall in love with something new and delicious with each box.

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You can enjoy these and many more products every month by signing up to Keto Krate on their website.

Disclosure: Keto Krate was kind enough to send the products mentioned above in the hope that we would enjoy them and share it with you all on Tasteaholics.com. All opinions are our own and we only recommend products we use personally and believe will be a good fit for our readers.


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