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Nearly two years after raising over $86,000 in its Kickstarter campaign, Grass Fed Coffee is finally primed and ready to hit store shelves – much to the delight of keto dieters everywhere. The tasty blend of cold brew coffee, MCT oil, and grass-fed butter is said to give drinkers a boost of sustained energy, increased metabolism, mental clarity, sharper focus, and an ability to ward off hunger.

Capitalizing on Keto

Grass Fed Coffee Founder, John Ban, and the Company Principle, Mark Yu, both follow a ketogenic diet. Surprisingly, Yu was once skeptical of the benefits but, after giving it a try, experienced great results and quickly devoted himself to that way of eating. When Grass Fed Coffee was launched on Kickstarter two years ago, the pair worried that the ketogenic diet trend hadn’t gained enough momentum to create a demand for a product like theirs.

With tens of thousands of dollars raised in order to expand production of their buttery coffee drink, Ban and Yu set off to bring their product to mainstream markets. However, during the planning stages, the team met several snags that caused their launch date to get pushed back.

A Keto Coffee with Pride

When the production process started, John and Mark began to run into several hurdles that kept them from feeling confident in the quality of their product. The first snag was the packaging. Originally intended to be distributed in a can, the decision to switch to a Tetra Pak carton allowed them to increase the product size by three ounces and prolong the shelf life for consumers.

In addition to packaging changes, the company opted to switch up the filling process in order to improve the quality of the beverage using a hot-fill process that ensures a sterile environment and effective sealing.

All in all, these changes caused delays in their timeline to bring Grass Fed Coffee to the public, but sometimes great quality takes time and careful examination by those in charge.

Get Your Grass-Fed Coffee

With production in full swing and a well-stocked online store, John and Mark have grand plans to reach the fitness-minded market in stages. Starting by focusing their efforts on gyms and fitness centers, the team plans to expand distribution to the general public in order to gain further reach. Of course, for those that might be skeptical of the benefits of butter in their coffee – as Mark Yu once was – the pair acknowledge that marketing the brand will require educating the public as well as reaching those who already want their product.

Once only made available in 12-packs, Grass Fed Coffee can also be purchased in convenient 3 bottle trial packs – so you can give the coffee a try without investing in the full dozen. With a price tag close to $5 per bottle, the advantage of getting to know the product with a trial pack is a great advantage for consumers.

Whether on the go or in the fridge for daily consumption, Grass Fed Coffee is making great strides in making butter coffee mainstream and spreading the word about the awesome benefits of adopting a ketogenic lifestyle.


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