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Ditching the processed, junk foods in favor of a healthy, whole foods based diet is bound to increase your monthly food budget. It’s the grocery paradox. When adopting a keto diet, which is nearly exclusive to meats, cheeses, and low starch vegetables, it’s natural to see your grocery bill climb out of control. The great news is, with a few considerations, you can eat a keto diet on a strict budget.

In its annual Cost of Food at Home Report, the USDA estimates that an adult couple will typically spend $383.40 per month for a thrifty eating plan and up to $763.60 per month on a liberal eating plan.1 These cost estimates are based on plans put together by the USDA that are still rich in inexpensive grains, potatoes, and other ingredients that aren’t permitted on a keto diet. All considered, 2 adults on a keto diet could presumably spend even more than the estimated food costs above.

So, how do you stay within your macros and your budget?

Keep it Simple

Sure, there are some really tasty looking keto recipes out there, from elegant desserts to extravagant dinners. These recipes often call for a host of specialty ingredients that can send your grocery budget through the roof. Consider keeping it simple; not only can you reduce the need for high-cost ingredients, but it can be a weight off your shoulders when it comes to planning your menus.

Shop the Sales

Most grocery stores release a weekly advertisement for products they have on sale. These beauties are a budget shopper’s best friend. Making a list of all the low carb and keto friendly ingredients that are on sale before you shop can help you plan meals around what’s on that list. Additionally, many grocery chains that have loyalty cards – like Safeway, Albertson’s, Kroger, and more – offer digital coupons that you can preload to your card. These added savings are easy to take advantage of and require very minimal effort.

Meal Plan and Prep

Armed with a list of all the items on sale at your local grocery store, put together a plan for the meals you’ll prepare for the week. For example, if chicken is on sale, gather up your best recipes and prepare to eat a lot of chicken (or freeze extra chicken for another week). Additionally, if ground beef is on sale, you could choose to use it in a lot of meals or prepare and freeze things like meatballs and hamburger patties. If you can buy a whole chicken at a great price, consider preparing it once and using the leftovers for a variety of other dishes, like casserole, bone broth, and snacks.

There are a lot of great ways to save a dollar while still staying within your macros. Drop a comment down below and let us know what some of your favorite ways to stay on budget when eating a keto diet!


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