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Menopause is a time of great adaptation in every woman’s life. Hot flashes, irritability, depression, and joint/muscle pain are only a few of the unfortunate symptoms which accompany women as they acclimate to menopause. However, keto can greatly help menopausal women for a series of reason.

Keto Greatly Improves Quality of Sleep

Everyone benefits from a good night’s rest. The benefits of sleep are well documented, however, the ability to rest well is especially critical for menopausal women as their bodies go through such drastic changes. High consumption of carbohydrates and sugar can worsen one’s ability to sleep, with the effect being much graver for menopausal women. Not only does the keto diet even out1 blood sugar levels (which would normally spike from high sugar/carb intake), but keto also reboots the “body clock” which prompts women to know when they need food, rest, and other essentialities.

Keto Prompts Healthy Weight Loss

Due to innate hormonal changes which occur during menopause, women are likely to gain weight during this period. As muscle mass and metabolism decrease, fat tends to increase. Moreover, women who struggle with attaining the proper amount of sleep are more likely to consume a higher intake of calories, hence weight gain. However, keto’s nature2 as a low-carb, fat-burning diet greatly helps women combat and counteract weight gain which so often accompanies menopause.

Keto Strengthens Muscles

Retaining muscle strength can be difficult during menopause due to dramatic hormonal shifts. Depending on the circumstances, this can even lead to chronic pain. However, foods that are high in protein and low in carbs are an essential part3 of the ketogenic diet and greatly help menopausal women increase and maintain muscle strength. As estrogen levels decrease, keto greatly supports muscle and joint strength. Regular exercise can enhance keto’s desirable bodily impacts.

Menopause does not have to be the end of a great life, nor should it be. Women will be ecstatic to discover ketosis as an energizing, health-boosting lifestyle change.


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