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Are you single? As it turns out, your diet could be having a significant impact on your dating life. Contrary to what you might assume, having dietary restrictions may not be the hindrance to dating that it was once thought to be. Several studies of singles in the online dating scene show the relationship between food and dating success, proving food might be the way to everyone’s heart.

Go Gluten-Free

The wide acceptance of online dating as a method to meet that special someone doesn’t just present new opportunities for singles, it also presents a wealth of statistics available to analyze dating patterns for researchers.’s recent survey of 5,000 singles, entitled ‘Singles in America1’, provides some valuable insights into what makes single people connect.

The inability to grab a beer or share a bagel on a first date might sound like a romantic hurdle. However, in the ‘Singles in America’ study, that was actually found to be quite opposite. Participants in the survey who indicated that they followed a gluten-free diet also reported that they were a whopping 217% more likely to go on a date in the last year than those on a traditional diet.

If that’s not enough to get singles to ditch gluten, the study also confirmed that gluten-free dieters were 172% more likely to have not had a lull in dating for over 2 years. Additionally, should those dates become successful, gluten-free dieters are having a better time in the sack. Of the participants that expressed the ability to attain orgasm, 43% of them maintained a gluten-free diet.

Talking About Food

In a study published by Zoosk, where over 3 million dating profiles and over 364 million first messages were analyzed, it turns out that talking about food increases the likelihood that you’ll start a conversation with a match.1 Topping their list of most successful foods to discuss – those that mention guacamole in their profiles had an increase in inbound messages upwards of 144%. Is the love for the avocado so deep that it can make us instantly attracted?

It’s important to note that some foods had a negative impact on communication between those who matched, namely, the mention of both fried chicken and yams.

Vegans Need Love Too

With so much love for gluten-free dieters and guacamole enthusiasts, it’s only fair to point out that diet can sometimes have an adverse effect on your dating success. In a FoodBoxHQ survey of over 2,500 American singles, 28.2% of them indicated that they would never date someone who ate a vegan diet.2 In a breakdown by state, it was found that Idahoans were the least tolerant of the vegan lifestyle, with 49.6% of singles shying away from vegans, while Vermonters were the most accepting with only 5.7% saying they wouldn’t date someone vegan.

It’s clear that food can inspire great connections, especially in online dating. If you’re struggling to make connections, consider revamping your profile, or your diet, to showcase your love for the food you eat. Happy dating!


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