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If you’ve spent any time on Tasteaholics or SoNourished, you might have seen my name. I’m the Editor-In-Chief of our news sections and have been around for nearly a year now (my, how time flies!).

Arguably the coolest aspect of my job is that I get to read about the benefits of the ketogenic diet day in and day out. One of the standards we use for where we get our information is that it’s generally pulled straight from peer-reviewed scientific and medical studies.

When I first heard about keto, I brushed it off as a fad. Once I began consistently reading the research on it, I was blown away. It’s been an incredible and educational journey, but I’m ready for the next step: I want to prove that keto works in the most challenging setting I can muster.

A bit about me

Let me give you a bit of background: I was active duty military for seven years and later served as a structural firefighter. Between there and here, I was a loss prevention manager at a big box retail store in a bad area of town: I made quite a few arrests and got in about fifty fights during my time there. I know what it means to be in shape… and I know that right now, I’m nowhere near that. Career, family, and life have combined this year to create one of those environments where nutrition and exercise took a back seat. My diet over the past three months, in particular, has more closely resembled a fast food taste tester than it has someone who’s dedicated to health and fitness.

I’m not incredibly overweight, but I’m above my ideal size to the point where I’m not comfortable in my own skin. My pants don’t fit, my stamina sucks, and my health isn’t where I want it to be. I’m ready for a change.

A bit about GoingKeto

Today is November 15th, and it’s the first day of my 90 days of GoingKeto. Yes, that means I’ll be starting keto two weeks before Thanksgiving and keeping it up through all of the holidays, even taking it past the Super Bowl. I’m an incredibly involved single dad of four kids (In a typical week I volunteer around three days a week at school in addition to working full time), so my life is busy.

To complicate things further, I’m not just trying to lose weight—I want to build muscle while I’m at it. In lifting circles, keto is often dismissed as a great way to lose weight, but not something that’s conducive to gains. This means that skipping meals isn’t an option, and I’ve got to make time to work out on top of everything else.

Think I can do it?

A bit about bites and bytes

If you’re interested in following my journey, I’ll be popping up frequently on Tasteaholics’ Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also track my journey on pretty much any form of social media (TwitterInstagramFacebookPinterest, Snapchat) under “RealJoshBurnett.” Here I go!



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