The Weight Loss

This week I finally dropped below 190 while continuing to make progress on my body fat percentage. There are three “S’s” in weight loss, and so often we focus exclusively on the first: slow. What we tend to forget are the next two: steady and sustainable. That’s exactly where I am: I feel great, I’m building the body I want, the numbers on the scale are slowly moving, but it’s steady, and I could do this forever.

What Went Well

Last weekend I went on a scuba diving trip and was away from my kitchen for seven meals. It made me appreciate how learning the basics of keto can help keep you on track even when you don’t have any of your normally-available resources there to help out. I was able to stay in ketosis and feel great all weekend.

Whenever I hear someone say they’re considering keto, I urge them to do their homework. I can’t emphasize strongly enough how important it is to know the reason behind why you do what you do: when life inevitably throws an obstacle up, you’re prepared to handle it.

What Was Hard

Right before I left for my scuba certifications, a pipe burst in my house. I had to shut the water off, and it just got restored today. Meal prep is interesting without running water, but again… when you’ve taken the time to understand everything behind it, you can adapt.

This week wasn’t difficult. If you’ve been reading my weekly updates for any length of time, you’re probably used to seeing the ebb and flow of cravings I post about. That’s completely normal: your desires for specific foods will come and go. One of the coolest things about keto is the self-discipline I’ve developed around food. I feel completely in control of what goes into my body, and I don’t put something there unless I’m making a conscious choice to do so.

The Next Week

This is the last week—I can’t believe it’s been nearly three months. I’m going to be tracking my original goals and I have appointments set up to check my blood work and have a professional check my body fat percentage so I can compare how I did to my original goals. After that, I’ll have the first cheat meal (which is definitely going to include a beer) I’ve had since November 15th—and then I plan on going straight back to keto.


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