Eleven weeks down, two to go!

The Weight Loss

Technically I’m down just over half a pound this week, but again, I’m pretty much in homeostasis. I hit 191.6 pounds on January 7th, meaning I lost 22 pounds in 7 ½ weeks and I’ve only lost one pound in the last 3 ½. If that was the only number I was paying attention to, I could allow myself to get discouraged—but that’s why we have progress pics!

Here are a couple of pics to show how far I’ve come—I’m very satisfied with the journey. Beginning pic is on 15 November, the others are from yesterday.

IMG_2659 IMG_3351 IMG_3355

What Went Well

Everything was stable this week. Work ramped up on a few projects I have, and I love how keto allows me to continually produce top-quality work without having to sacrifice productivity because of energy ebbs and flows or having to stop when I get hungry.

What Was Hard

I’m not gonna lie: I’m ready for a cheat meal. Two more weeks and then I’m gonna snag some pad Thai—who knows what’s gonna happen with my body? I’ve been extremely low carb for nearly three months now, so it’ll be interesting.

I’ve decided to cycle back onto carbs for a short time to document what kind of changes happen to my body, mental focus, and energy state while I continue to focus on bulking via weight lifting. I suspect that I’m going to feel such a big difference (in a negative way) that I’ll be back on keto shortly. Even if things go well, I’m going to cycle on and off keto for the long-term.

The Next Week

Same as last week, I’m in the maintenance and building phase. While it doesn’t make for fascinating news, it’s an incredible way to live your life. My diet, energy levels, and mental focus are the best I’ve ever had and arguably the most consistent aspect of my life. I am incredibly happy with GoingKeto and, if anything, I just wish I had started sooner.



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