I’m at the two-month mark, so let’s check it out!

The Weight Loss

OK, I’m at exactly 22 pounds and 4.5 percent of body fat loss as of this morning. My rate of loss has slowed down (just over two pounds and 0.5 percent BF this week) but is continuing to progress at a steady pace. I also expected this due to my changed focus of increasing muscle mass.

What Went Well

The visual results are exactly what I want to see, and my lifts and stamina are going up consistently every week. These aren’t by huge margins, but even going up five pounds per week in a lift on a continual basis is precisely what should be happening. Here’s a shot of me this week: I’m seeing a lot of difference in my musculature. I’m looking forward to seeing how my abs develop as I continue to get rid of that stubborn abdominal fat.


I’m also back on track with my regular weekly routines, and that’s made a huge difference in my consistency with my diet and time at the gym.

What Was Hard

Last week I projected that I’d need a much more rapid rate of loss to hit my BF% goal by the end of GoingKeto. I can go ahead and call time of death on achieving that particular number, but that allows me to reevaluate. Did I miss it because something went wrong? Did I fail to try hard enough? Was the goal unrealistic?

In this case, the goal was unrealistic. I wanted to focus on BF% because I think that’s a better measure of where I wanted to be than just pounds lost, and I’m glad I did. Looking back over the journey to this point, I can say that I stayed on track, aggressively, with where my focuses needed to be at every stage and I executed well, so I need to adjust my measuring stick.

A more realistic goal for the timeline I had would have been 6 to 7 percent loss instead of the 13.6 percent I listed. However, I chose 10 percent end goal for a reason: that’s the kind of look I want to have for my body, so I’ve readjusted my goals to get there this year, even if it won’t happen by the 15th of February.

The Next Week

At this point, things are pretty well dialed in: I’ve adapted to my diet, my schedule, my new workout plan, and my updated macros, and I’m seeing results. Now the key is just consistent execution!


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