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Ryan is a freelance writer and editor based in Philadelphia. He has edited books of Chinese philosophy, interviewed bands as a music journalist, and labored over satirical treatises in the candlelit hours of the early morning. He has also tended bar.

For Keto, the Everyday Research Says it All

2019-03-04T09:06:09-05:00By |News|

The good news for prospective keto dieters is that as the diet has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, so too has the amount of research being produced to back up the remarkably fast weight loss evident in keto success stories. That means that for every nutritional concern, every panicky moment you have about whether [...]

Huge Harvard Study Backs Up the Wide-Ranging Benefits of a Low-Carb Diet

2019-02-26T11:31:47-05:00By |News|

It’s hard to believe that scientists are still hashing out the fight between sugars and fats, but after decades of faulty research funded by big names in the sugar industry, it’s been an uphill climb to dispel some of the myths born from industry-funded research. A groundbreaking new study from researchers at Harvard, however, just [...]

Experts Convene for Keto Conference

2018-06-09T13:31:09-04:00By |News|

Earlier this month Dr. David Jockers hosted the Keto Edge Summit, an online conference on the many benefits of the keto diet.1  Jockers, both a doctor of natural medicine and a nutritionist, defeated his skin cancer and attributed much of his success to the keto diet. Jockers said that, after his switch to keto, he [...]

Pepsi’s Ingredient Change Causes Stock To Rise

2018-05-28T15:49:42-04:00By |News|

PepsiCo’s stock is on the rise thanks to its response to consumer concerns over sugar. After eight quarters of decline, the company has seen four straight quarters of improving sales since it began aggressively removing sugar from its product portfolio. Pepsi is one of a number of major food and beverage companies answering international calls [...]

College Cafeterias Are Creating A Weight-Gain Crisis in Schools

2018-05-28T15:50:02-04:00By |News|

Few high school and college students today are strangers to the concept of the “freshman 15,” the notion that students entering college tend to pick up some extra weight during their first year. According to a new study at Auburn University, however, this is no mere stereotype: 70 percent of college students gain weight by [...]

70 Percent of U.S. Adults Are Now Overweight or Obese

2018-05-28T15:50:16-04:00By |News|

A recent report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention offers shocking insight into the reality of our nation's health situation. The most damning statistic is also the most important one: Over 70 percent of American adults age 20 and over are overweight. Of that figure, 37 percent are obese.1 Of course, this isn’t [...]

Keto’s Rankings Show Support Among Dietitians

2018-05-28T15:50:33-04:00By |News|

A 2018 poll of 2,000 retail dietitians found the keto diet to be the third most popular this year, just behind clean eating and plant-based diets.  The popularity of the ketogenic diet is matched only by its controversy. On one side are the pro-low-carb dieters with a developing body of research demonstrating the wide-ranging benefits [...]

Citizens Petition FDA for Action on Sugar

2018-05-28T15:50:59-04:00By |News|

A recent Citizen Petition for the Stricter Regulation of Added Sugar is calling on the FDA (along with the Drug Enforcement Administration) to “amend the Drug Schedules to include added sugar to either Schedule I or Schedule II of the Controlled Substances Act.” This would be to classify added sugar alongside other hyper-addictive hard drugs [...]

Irish Soda’s Unsuccessful Protest Against the Sugar Tax

2018-05-28T15:52:01-04:00By |News|

A lot has been written, including by us here on Tasteaholics, about the start of the Irish soda tax and its British forbearer. In both countries, the similarly scaled taxes have worked to convince soda manufacturers to lower sugar content in their products in order to avoid the price hike. Experts are convinced that this [...]

British Experts Call for New Low-Carb Dietary Guidelines

2018-05-28T15:52:23-04:00By |News|

Health experts across the globe have been scrambling to come up with a comprehensive explanation for the obesity epidemic that has grown over the course of the past several decades. While some pursue a moderate, uncontroversial approach to the subject, many believe they have identified one thing in particular around which public conceptions and even [...]

Ireland Follows Britain with Innovative New Sugar Tax

2018-05-28T15:52:27-04:00By |News|

Following the early success of Britain’s sugar tax, Ireland is next in line in the battle against Big Soda. The government’s new tax will come into effect on May 1st and increase the prices of soda and sugary drinks by a relatively large amount. Similar in design to its British counterpart, Ireland’s tax has already seen [...]

Australia Fails in Fight Against the Food Industry

2018-05-28T15:52:45-04:00By |News|

As countries around the world adopt a host of new taxes and regulations that specifically target sugar in an effort to cut down on obesity, Australia is heading further and further into its own ever-expanding obesity crisis. The biggest reason for this, experts assert, is the government’s failure to effectively combat food industry lobbying practices. [...]

Cereal Manufacturers Replace “All-Natural” with “All-Sugar”

2018-05-28T15:52:49-04:00By |News|

Despite years of trying to either appease or trick the general public with new, “healthier” cereals, it seems that all of the big names in the industry are finally reverting back to the strategy they call tried and true: dumping enough sugar to paralyze a small dog into kids’ breakfast bowls. Kellogg's, General Mills, and [...]

Study Describes Risks of Too Much Sugar While Pregnant

2018-05-28T15:52:53-04:00By |News|

Researchers are only just beginning to uncover the host of dangerous health problems that come as a result of too much sugar. While the connection between consumption of sugar (and of sugar-sweetened beverages in particular) and certain pervasive health problems such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, and tooth decay has been well established, our understanding of [...]

Low-Fat Super-Sweet Yogurts Latest Target of British Campaign Against Sugar

2018-05-28T15:53:02-04:00By |News|

From its innovative new tax on sugary drinks to the campaigns led by its public health officials against cereal and other everyday sources of added sugar, Britain has begun to establish itself at the forefront of the fight against excessive sugar consumption. In their latest push, researchers are warning the public about the frightening amounts [...]

India Courts Coke, Pepsi, and Hershey Despite Obesity Epidemic

2018-05-28T15:56:18-04:00By |News|

In many countries currently muddling their way through oppressive rates of obesity, political figures are obligated to make commanding statements (sometimes with equally commanding hand gestures) about their commitment to the wellbeing of the population. After they make these statements, they may or may not trot out the CEO of a company like PepsiCo or [...]

Comprehensive Study Links Low-Fat High-Carb Diets to Higher Mortality Risk

2018-05-28T15:56:39-04:00By |News|

A recent study published in The Lancet goes a long way towards solidifying experts' claims, arguing that it is, in fact, sugar, not fat, that poses the biggest dietary risk to public health. Despite decades of policies and diets that target fat as the biggest culprit—largely thanks to compromised research funded by the sugar industry—scientists, [...]

McDonalds Under Fire for Unsavory Efforts to Hook Customers

2018-05-28T15:59:23-04:00By |News|

One thing the fast food industry doesn’t lack is a variety of ways to make people addicted to its products. The most reliable method, however, is also the simplest and doesn’t rely on sophisticated marketing to bring people back time and time again: sugar. To be sure, few people maintain any grand illusions about the [...]

Federal Regulations on School Lunches Change

2018-05-28T15:59:37-04:00By |News|

This year marks the latest change in the age-old battle over school lunch, with the present administration walking back the minor changes made by its predecessor. In January, Sonny Perdue, head of the Department of Agriculture (which sets the guidelines for school lunch), lifted the regulations that were a totem of Michelle Obama’s efforts to [...]