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One of the most common misconceptions regarding health and wellness is that exercise completely cancels out the bad food we consume. A recent study, ‘Induced and Controlled Dietary Ketosis as a Regulator of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome Pathologies,’ due to be published in the journal, Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews, brings the truth to light like never before.

Keto Transforms from the Inside-Out

The study, led by Madeline Gibas, aimed to determine whether a ketogenic diet with no exercise was more beneficial than a standard American diet with exercise.1 Gibas specifically focused on diabetics and individuals suffering from metabolic syndrome. Her test group featured both men and women between the ages of 18 and 65, all of whom had been previously diagnosed with pre-diabetes, Type  II diabetes, or metabolic syndrome. Furthermore, each participant had a BMI of 25 or greater and a body fat percentage of over 30 percent.

All participants were randomly assigned to three groups with varying protocols. The first group consumed less than 30 grams of carbs per day with no exercise. The second consumed a standard diet with no exercise. The third and final group consumed a standard diet, but exercised 30 minutes per day, three to five days per week. For ten weeks, Gibas focused heavily on five biomarkers of metabolic syndrome, including an elevated BMI, elevated hemoglobin, elevated triglycerides with excess fat accumulation (ITMG), impaired VO2, and a declined resting metabolic rate.

After ten weeks, the results were in, and the data was clear. The participants following a ketogenic diet (even without exercise), showed a statistically significant – and positive – change in their weight, body fat percentage, BMI, ketones, and A1C.

How is Keto So Effective?

So, how exactly is a keto diet so effective in burning fat and getting us to our goals? If you consume a carbohydrate-rich diet, it takes around twenty minutes of intense cardio before you begin to burn fat. A keto diet, on the other hand, puts your fat-burning potential into high-gear from the start. Because keto uses fat as fuel, you’re in a constant state of fat burning even while sedentary. Ultimately, your body is a much more efficient machine – regardless of whether that machine is in motion or not.

As the study shows though, the keto diet transforms far beyond the surface. While yes, you’ll lose weight and feel great, there are benefits that even those exercising constantly might not see. Keto tackles underlying issues like metabolic imbalances, blood glucose issues, BMI, and more.

Diet & Exercise Go Hand-in-Hand

In the end, we see that the traditional view of weight loss is outdated and unsustainable. It’s commonly accepted that a healthy diet is comprised of 75 percent nutrition and 25 percent exercise.2 And, as the study demonstrated, carbohydrate restriction and a keto diet positively impact and alter a number of physiological ailments. Over time, a low-carb, fat-rich diet combined with exercise measurably boosts your results. So, if you hope to take your health goals to the next level, think beyond classic diet and exercise routines.


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