Going keto is a pretty significant adjustment for most people, and it can be downright drastic for some. Giving yourself an honest evaluation is the best way to manage your expectations: how does your current diet compare to a low-carb, high-fat regimen? If they’re relatively similar, you’ll experience an easier transition; if you’re all about the pasta and Krispy Kremes, then it’s going to be a bit more difficult.

Prepping the battlespace

In the military, we use a phrase called “prepping the battlespace” to describe shaping an area where we know we’ll see combat: we want to align everything possible to work for us rather than against us. Getting rid of all of the carbs in your house is ideal (goodbye, noodles!) but that isn’t always realistic. If you’ve got other family members who aren’t participating in your glorious journey towards Valhalla, there are still some steps you can take.

Studies have shown that the physical arrangement of your fridge and cabinets can have a demonstrable impact on your ability to resist temptation and lose weight. Rearrange the cabinets to put all of your healthy fats in one and load all of the carbs in another; this way when you’re prepping your food you won’t have to constantly see all of the things you’re not allowed to eat.

Transitioning your diet

You’ve likely heard of the dreaded keto flu. The degree to which you feel symptoms is largely determined by the difference between your current food intake and a standard keto. You can decrease your chances of being severely impacted by this, however, by increasing your intake of healthy fats and carbs in the days leading up to your official switchover date.

Two weeks ahead of D-Day, try utilizing more butter, coconut oil, avocados, and other healthy fats as well as lean proteins. For the moment, don’t worry about your carbs. Your goal is to avoid shocking your system by easing yourself into The Bastion of Glory (known to the common folk as “ketosis”).

Build your support network

Tell people that you’re going keto. Amp it up and get people excited! This does two things: first, you’ll find the people who are either already on a similar pilgrimage to the Holy Land, are considering it, or are at least supportive of it. These will be your cheerleaders—don’t underestimate the importance of peer support. If you can get your significant other on board, that’s a huge victory.

Second, you’ll create positive social pressure on yourself to stick with it. No one wants to make a big deal of something then quit two days in. Declaring to the world that you’re a demigod means you have to act like one, and we all know that demigods eat lots of cheese. (Yes, you can thank me for that revelation.)

For example, I’m tracking my journey on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter; feel free to follow me on those accounts as well as the official Tasteaholics channels.

Get your mindset right

It’s tempting to focus on all of the things we can’t eat, but hanging out in the bakery at Safeway isn’t going to do anything but make it harder for you to stay disciplined. Instead, focus on all of the things you can eat: lobster, steak, seared halibut… OK, if you’re not made of money, consider these occasional treats just like you would cake or pie. Make them things you look forward to.

As far as everyday items that can whet your appetite, remember that inside of every patriotic American is a genetically implanted cheese fetish, and now you get to uncage the inner monster and dive face first into the cheese tray at the office holiday party. (Trust me, although it’s an immediate downer to your promotion potential, it’s a long-term upgrade in your memorability score.)

The bottom line

This is a fantastic journey, and you’ve got this! Plan out your steps, prep the battlespace, build your support network, and get your mindset right: if you follow these steps, you’re gonna accomplish your goals and then some!


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