Ten weeks down, three to go! Almost to the finish line!

The Weight Loss

This is going to be arguably the most boring update yet. Although that’s less entertaining for you, it’s good news for me.

Everything has stabilized. Technically I weigh 0.4 pounds more than I did last week, but I vary more than that between meals, so we’ll count the ~191 lb mark as homeostasis. I’m continuing to get stronger in my lifts, my waist is slowly, but steadily becoming more defined, and these are just a couple of the progress points. They’re all tiny and incremental, but they’re steady—that’s what you want to see.

What Went Well

Honestly, not much changed this week. I love the keto lifestyle I’m living, and my desire for carbs ebbs and flows. This lifestyle is sustainable, and the way I feel on ketosis is unlike anything I ever experienced on glycolysis. The steady energy, mental clarity, and fantastic sleep are my top three favorite benefits; it’s interesting that weight loss isn’t on that list. It’s a great benefit: I feel confident, in control of my weight, and I love the body I’m developing—that’s what got me on keto, but everything else is going to be what keeps me there.

What Was Hard

I introduced my kids to snickerdoodles last week, which is my favorite cookie, and I really wanted one. It was tough to turn them down, but I viewed it as an exercise in self-discipline: every craving I successfully made it past was another challenge I’d overcome. It worked well, and I made it through without stealing cookies from a kiddo.

I encounter moments like this from time to time, but for the most part, even my desire for carbs is decreasing. I’m really proud of myself for making it 69 days without cheating a single time, and much of that was through the holiday season.

The Next Week

Nothing big should change over the next week. I’m going to continue eating keto, keep lifting, and just maintain a slow, steady, incremental progress towards the best body I’ve ever had. If you haven’t tried keto yet, I’m telling you—you’ve gotta do it. It’s amazing.


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