Welcome to our April 2016 Traffic & Income Analysis of Tasteaholics.com! This is a monthly record of our blogging and marketing experiences for us to review and learn from. It’s a way to keep track of what we tested, learned, and how we’re faring in the world of blogging. We hope it can help you as much as it helps us!

Now, let’s get to the good stuff:

Income Total: $2044.98

Traffic Overview

April 2016 Overview

April vs. March (respectively)

April vs March

Traffic by Top 10 Sources

April Traffic by Top 10 Sources

Updates and Changes

A Month of Preparation

April was mostly a month of preparing for the release of our first “official” cookbook. We spent A LOT of our time working on the 30 Low Carb Dinners eCookbook.

30 Low Carb Dinners

This included:

  • The 30 recipes (creating, cooking, testing, photographing, writing)
  • Content for the ebook
  • Formatting the ebook (we used powerpoint to create it and Adobe Acrobat to finalize and add links to jump to different pages)

After completing the ebook, we created a marketing plan which consisted of prelaunch, launch and post launch tasks.


The most important part of the prelaunch was building a new website. We went with the domain: trylowcarb.com.

Trylowcarb by Tasteaholics


Why build a whole new website for selling this ebook you ask?

  • Full website SSL (secure browsing and checkout)
  • FAST page load time (very few plugins = very quick loading)
  • Independent ranking on Google for keywords (we can show up for keywords like “low carb dinners” with 2 websites now!)
  • Not affected by any downtime of tasteaholics.com (if it occurs)
  • Easy testing without affecting tasteaholics.com
  • Not slowing down tasteaholics.com with additional HEAVY plugins like woocommerce

With this list of great reasons to do it, I couldn’t not do it!

Prelaunch Checklist

After building out the new website, our prelaunch checklist also included:

  • Create announcement email
  • Add link to low carb dinners page
  • Setup Google PPC and remarketing campaigns with image/gif ads
  • Create pinterest shareable image
  • Create tasteaholics in-post ad
  • Create sidebar ad
  • Create pop up ad
  • Prep Facebook post
  • Add page to 3 Day Keto Meal Plan (our free ebook when someone subscribers)
  • Add utm tracking to 3 Day Keto Meal Plan
  • LAST STEP: Test live Stripe and live PayPal with final version of item (make sure people can checkout!!!)

Launch Checklist

Below is the list of actions we needed to perform as soon as we launched. Most of the stuff we prepped during the prelaunch to make the launch as smooth as possible. Here’s what we had planned:

  • Send announcement email
  • Switch out 3 Day Keto Meal Plan version
  • Post to Fb/Twitter
  • Change FB background
  • Change Twitter background
  • Post to Pinterest boards
  • Add link to low carb dinners page
  • Add sidebar widget ad(s)
  • Add in-post ad
  • Switch out email pop up
  • Launch PPC & remarketing campaigns
  • Tell friends and family

Post Launch

Our post launch checklist was more tentative because a lot of it was based on the success of the launch and people’s reactions/feedback.

The following few action items were ones we were going to do 100%:

  • Create a follow up email
  • Test pop ups/in-post ads/sidebar
  • Test additional landing page versions
  • Create affiliate program and landing page
  • Send to fellow bloggers
  • Make video of 1 recipe
  • Publish blog post with video

Blogging and Partnering!

If you’re reading this and don’t have your own blog and are considering starting one, make sure read our How to Start a Food Blog guide. If you have questions when you’re starting out, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re always happy to help.

If you’re interested in working with us and promoting the Dinner in Five ecookbook (and other future cookbooks), check out our Partners Page for more info. You earn 60% from every sale.

For any questions regarding the Partners program, check out the FAQ or contact us.


As you can see, with the ecookbook, new website build out, prelaunch tasks, and the blog itself, we had our hands quite full!

We launched on May 3rd so I can’t divulge any more info until next month when I release our May report so make sure to check back then! 😉

Are you planning to release a cookbook of your own soon? How are you preparing for it? Are you running into any issues or dilemmas? Let us know in the comments below!


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