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Josh is a freelance writer and editor based in the Corvallis, Oregon area. He has a diverse and varied background as an Air Force officer, structural firefighter, professor, construction worker, retail manager, investigator, and author. He is an expert on the keto diet. When he isn't writing, he's normally reading or hanging out with his kids.

Bulletproof Coffee Shop Opens in Seattle

2018-05-28T16:04:29-04:00By |News|

Traditional American coffee, particularly specialty coffees prepared by baristas, is known for its high carbohydrate content. That cup of mixed coffee you pick up from your favorite coffee stand every morning could be packed with as much as 61 grams of sugar1; to put that in perspective, that’s somewhere in the ballpark of five tablespoons [...]

Ketosis Goes Hollywood

2018-05-28T16:04:42-04:00By |News|

The ketogenic diet has hit Hollywood in full force. Celebrities are known for regularly trying off-the-wall crazes1, such as Beyoncé’s all-liquid diet of cayenne lemon water, or Elizabeth Taylor’s obsession with peanut butter-covered steak sandwiches. While it is normal to see actors, actresses, and athletes occasionally engage in extreme (and odd) dieting, it takes a [...]

New England Journal of Medicine Investigates Low-Carb Diets

2018-05-28T16:04:51-04:00By |News|

In a review of recent research published by The New England Journal of Medicine1 a diet high in fat and reduced carbohydrates was shown to increase weight loss faster than traditional diets. Participants of this study maintained their weight loss equally in the long term as compared to their study cohorts. Since losing weight and maintaining [...]

Ample Foods Releases First Keto-Friendly Meal Replacement Shake

2018-05-28T16:05:12-04:00By |News|

Keto On The Go One of the biggest struggles of the ketogenic diet is the amount of preparation it takes to live on a high-fat, low-carb diet in a high-carb, low-fat world. Most people who practice a keto lifestyle are experienced cooks who can prepare tasty meals in bulk and have great meal routines. Unfortunately, [...]

How the Keto Diet is Anti-Inflammatory

2018-08-16T20:53:56-04:00By |News|

Inflammation can be a major issue in life for many reasons. Most people are familiar with acute inflammation, or what is normally associated with some kind of wound. When you have a cut or a scrape, the area becomes tender, red, and swollen. This occurs because the body is rushing additional blood to the area [...]

The Journal of the American Medical Association Investigates Ketosis

2018-05-28T16:06:32-04:00By |News|

Scientists Study How Keto Differs From Low-Fat Diets The Journal of the American Medical Association recently published an in-depth article1 on ketosis, highlighting its place as a mainstay in the American nutritional world. The article previewed a study that consists of two phases: an in-home preparation phase, where participants eat a calorie-restricted diet of home-delivered meals. [...]

The Top 5 Keto Snacks

2018-05-28T16:22:24-04:00By |News|

One of the benefits of the ketogenic diet is its long-lasting nature. Switching your body’s metabolic pathways to utilize ketone bodies instead of glucose as its primary fuel source helps avoid the highs and lows associated with a typical American diet. This, in turn, reduces cravings throughout the day and decreases the amount of snacking [...]

Ketosis And How It Works

2018-08-16T20:53:07-04:00By |News|

Very few people have not heard of low-carb diets in general. What most people don't know is how low-carb diets actually work or what ketosis really is; there are many diets which are fads or promise some kind of quick fix to a weight loss problem, but upon deeper inspection, their foundation is not only [...]

Ketogenic Diet as Fuel for Endurance Training

2018-05-28T16:08:33-04:00By |News|

What if stockpiling carbohydrates wasn’t the best answer to fueling your body? What if you could find a fuel that didn’t deplete so rapidly and therefore allowed you to push your body longer and harder than you ever thought possible? The Ketogenic Diet is the answer to this equation. Why Consider the Ketogenic Diet? Most [...]

Going Keto For Health

2018-05-28T16:08:42-04:00By |News|

Going Keto for Health The most common goal that people in Western societies have when changing their diet is weight loss. The motive for this is often more related to cosmetic reasons (“I really need to lose ten pounds before that wedding in June!”) than for health reasons. However, a growing body of evidence suggests [...]

What Ghrelin Is And How It Works

2018-05-28T16:08:59-04:00By |News|

What Ghrelin is and How It Works If you haven’t heard of ghrelin, you’re not alone. This peptide hormone wasn’t discovered until 1996 and was first reported in 1999. The primary role of ghrelin is reflected in both its formal name, derived from growth hormone-releasing peptide, and its informal name, “the growth hormone.” There are [...]

Maintaining the Keto Diet While Traveling

2019-07-31T18:50:33-04:00By |Guides and FAQs, Keto Diet|

One of the most difficult parts of any diet is maintaining it when you’re away from home: you’re away from your kitchen, your cooking equipment, and your normal routines. In today’s workforce, however, travel is an all-too-common occurrence, and having to travel shouldn’t be the reason to go off the diet. The key to fighting [...]

The Ketogenic Diet For Epilepsy

2018-02-22T16:56:23-05:00By |Keto Diet|

A Brief History of Epilepsy Epilepsy has a long and well-established history of being treated with diet. Thousands of years ago prevailing theories were primarily superstitious and viewed epilepsy as a supernatural condition that needed to be treated with magic; the first major departure from that was written by Hippocrates in 400 BC in his [...]