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Green Low Carb Breakfast Smoothie

Green Low Carb Breakfast Smoothie

Energy, Naturally. We've been getting a lot of requests lately for breakfasts that aren't eggs. More people than we could have ever imagined have egg allergies and breakfast for them can sometimes be limited. That, and most people need a break from eating eggs every morning! So we decided to take the smoothie route. Not everyone on a low carb diet enjoys smoothies because they are usually fruit based. Not ours! There's not a single fruit…
Homemade Kimchi Recipe - Easy & Healthy Low Carb Side

Easy Homemade Kimchi

So many Asian cuisines, so little time! Our love for Asian food knows no bounds - Japanese, Chinese, Thai and especially Korean. What stands out most are the different layers of flavors used in each dish. It's like a journey in each bowl. Plus, everything can be made spicy! I must admit, I'm a newbie when it comes to kimchi. It's an acquired taste, after all, and I'm not a huge fan of things pickled or fermented. I'm…
20 Sugar Free Desserts for Chocoholics Only - Sugar Free Chocolate Recipes from Tasteaholics

20 Sugar Free Desserts for Chocoholics Only

We All Speak A Universal Language... The language of chocolate! Chocolate has a special place in my heart, not only for being delicious but also for being incredibly good for you. Conventional chocolate in the form of cups, bars, cakes and pastries has one thing in common that gives it a bad rep - sugar. In fact, in more cases than not, sugar is the first ingredient! Think of it as eating chocolate flavored sugar…
Almond Pesto Salmon - Low Carb & Paleo Dinner Recipe

Almond Pesto Salmon

Fancy With Few Ingredients! We came up with dozens of low carb dinner recipes for our newest project: 30 Low Carb Dinners eCookbook - all up to 5 grams of net carbs using only 5 ingredients each! Since we were limited to only 5 ingredients, we realized we had tons of recipe ideas to share outside the project. We now have a line up of some amazing dinners that didn't quite make the cut for…
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What is the Glycemix Index

What is the Glycemic Index

What is the Glycemic Index? The Glycemic Index was invented in the early 1980s specifically for Diabetes, a disease associated with problems controlling blood glucose. In the 21st century, Diabetes is a health epidemic, and when a person is diagnosed as a diabetic, it means that they secrete little or no insulin or their insulin is virtually ineffective due to extremely high insulin tolerance. The original idea behind the Glycemic Index (GI) was to assist those people…
How to Start a Food Blog

How to Start a Food Blog

So you want to know how to start a food blog? Do you love to cook and eat delicious food? Do you enjoy photography or want to learn? Do you want the freedom to work on what you love from anywhere in the world? Then a food blog is perfect for you! This easy guide will show you how to have your food blog up and running…
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